Saturday, December 3, 2011

New blog @

My sis @meitzeu has been bugging me for not doing a new blog as my current blog @ cannot update itself showing I have not updated my blog for months.

She said I will lose readers this way when no one know I actually updated my blog. So at last, I have export my blog to another new blog .. here

Not sure how this export / import blogspot thing will help in updating my post to the readers.

So please visit my new blog for updated posts, will no longer update here.

Hope everything will be alright there.

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North Borneo Railway Steam Train, KK

Went onto the North Borneo Railway Steam Train for the 1st time.

It is priced at RM250 per person (without land transfer to and from the Tanjung Aru Railway Station unless you are staying at Sutera Pacific Hotel or Sutera Magellan Resort)

Although the 1st impression was the cost is really expensive to go up a train for few hours ride. But when we got there, we realise that it is value for money depending how much you appreciate what North Borneo Railway has to offer.

The experience of an unforgettable journey down the memory lane with the steam train, sights, sounds and smell (smoke) is just not to be missed. Some of you especially the locals might prefer to go on the train without a Tour guide, but if you are a tourists and wish to understand better on the history of North Borneo Railway and what can be found in the 2 small town that we stopped at, I highly recommend hiring a knowledgeable tour guide / engaging a travel agency for this tour.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Golden Dew Bistro @ Ming Garden Hotel & Residences, KK

Ming Garden Hotel & Residences has officially open yesterday.

So I went for dinner at the Hotel with one of my "Makan Gang" friend.

The food presentation is very good, but we are not so satisfied with the taste. These were what we ordered :

Oxtail Soup - Love how generous they are with the herbs, taste good but too salty for us. If less salty, it will be perfect.

Nasi Lemak - Love the rice, very aromatic. (I only tried the rice). But my friend said it was just okay.

The Ming's Burger - I ordered beef. It looked really impressive when it was served. However, the beef patty and pineapple was tasteless.

Service was really good though. I have asked for some Mayonnaise, but they gave me a lot, feel kinda wasted when I didn't managed to finish it.

Overall feel that the bistro serves better Malay cuisine than the Western.

Will be back to try the Lamb sausages and dessert. *** I was really sad when the waiter told me they are out of Lamb sausages. I really wanted to try it, never had that before.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Lighting at Bella Italia Restaurant, KK

Was invited to the Christmas Lighting at Bella Italia on 29 November.

It was a simple but warmth little dinner, food was good as Chef Leo wanted to introduce some of the food which will be served during the All you can Eat Christmas Buffet @ RM65 per person.

There are also Christmas Set Meal To-Go for 4 - 6 persons. You can choose from Turkey set / Beef Wellington set / Roast Lamb Leg set and many more.

We are planning to order 1 back home on the 22 Dec, for early Christmas celebration and "winter" at home, as some of us will be flying off to Sarawak attending wedding of a good friend.

I love December!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chili Vanilla (Main Courses), KK

We (+ @meitzeu and @ChloeTiff) had a nice and simple dinner with our parents and elder sis at Chili Vanilla.

The main purpose was to try whether the food was as nice as the cakes.

It didn't disappoint us, although everyone seems to have different opinions, but we all have our favourite dish there now.

Will go there again to try out the other food.

P/S: They bake their own bread there, go try, just simply eat it with butter. Damn nice!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

KDCA Cultural Village Tour

Went to KDCA Cultural Village for a guided tour last Tuesday.

Here's the photos taken by me :
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