Friday, December 2, 2011

Golden Dew Bistro @ Ming Garden Hotel & Residences, KK

Ming Garden Hotel & Residences has officially open yesterday.

So I went for dinner at the Hotel with one of my "Makan Gang" friend.

The food presentation is very good, but we are not so satisfied with the taste. These were what we ordered :

Oxtail Soup - Love how generous they are with the herbs, taste good but too salty for us. If less salty, it will be perfect.

Nasi Lemak - Love the rice, very aromatic. (I only tried the rice). But my friend said it was just okay.

The Ming's Burger - I ordered beef. It looked really impressive when it was served. However, the beef patty and pineapple was tasteless.

Service was really good though. I have asked for some Mayonnaise, but they gave me a lot, feel kinda wasted when I didn't managed to finish it.

Overall feel that the bistro serves better Malay cuisine than the Western.

Will be back to try the Lamb sausages and dessert. *** I was really sad when the waiter told me they are out of Lamb sausages. I really wanted to try it, never had that before.

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