Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KK's Secret Garden

Bites Tales : Feeling brain dead today. I think i need to indulge in good food.. but i can't think of what's really nice to eat in KK now.. that's not the usual me!

Written about this new place to hang out in KK at my previous blog before... so now it's not so new anymore.. At last, my friends and i went there for dinner/supper (dinner for them, supper for me because i had my dinner at home before meeting them up.. kekeke)

The place is really nice, especially at night.. but i won't recommend you to go on a rainy night... and i simply got to say i'm quite disappointed with the food there.. may be, it's just that what we ordered were not nice (hopefully)!

These were what we had that night (never think of going there for food anymore.. drinks? may be yeah!) :-

Fried noodle, forgot what it's called.. i think is something chinese style fried noodle.. comes with a mango jelly - think is RM 7.90.

Verdict : So, so only lah!

I know this looks ugly... almost missed out this dish because i took forever to make my order, my friend nearly finished this when i came back to the table.. This is from the korean food stall - Stir fry beef, served with rice - think is RM 14.

Verdict : Not nice at all!! not worth it!!

I really can't recalled what this is, the western food stall told me this is a Greek cuisine.. Lamb served with pita bread, some sour salad mixture and fresh vege.. think is RM12.90

Verdict : Nothing to shout about, ok lah!

Hmm... not sure about you, but with that pricing, i'll be able to get better food with the same environment elsewhere..

Anyone have recommendation on any nice food to try out there?

Location :-

Grace Point
Double Six Memorial Park
(In between Grace Ville & Grace Condo)

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