Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Borneo Proboscis River Lodge

Bites Tale : We enjoyed ourselves there except that water runs very small at night for shower.. the scenery was great.. did a lot of picture taking.. we even saw monkeys mating.. but the weather didn't allowed us for night cruise to watch fire flies... and we didn't managed to see hornbills.. they said one must be very lucky to spot a hornbill... may be next time!

It's his idea to come to this lodge located at Klias, Beaufort... that is approximately 100 km from the city. It took us about 1 hour and 45 mins to reach there.

A good choice indeed.

It's really nice to get out of town once in awhile and enjoy such breathtaking view!

Pic : This is where we stayed overnight at... Bamboo/wood hut.. not bad.. except for the shower!

Pic : How the place looks like...

Pic : Nice view... can't wait to hop onto the boat!

Pic : Warming up the boats...

pic : Off we go...

Pic : The boats can go very fast...

Pic : This boy is really cute... i love this "father & son" pic!

Pic : Can you see there are 2 monkeys hugging each other?

Pic : Monkey sighting... this one sit still while others jumped away...

Pic : Boats from other lodges also doing the river cruise...

Pic : Nice pic? I'm considered lucky b'cos managed to take this pic before they all ran away!

Pic : Morning view on 09.09.08... the river is so calm.. air is so fresh here... so relaxing...

Pic : Aww.... the river looks like a mirror!!

Pic : Monkey looking for her breakfast!!

He took the RM150/pax promotional package (normal price : RM300/pax) which comprises of :

2 days 1 night stay (if you want air-conditioned room, a surcharge of RM100 per room)

3 river cruises, i.e. :-

sunset cruise ~ proboscis monkeys sighting
night cruise ~ fire flies sighting

Next morning
morning cruise ~ off at 6am, to see monkeys and birds waking up and looking for food

5 meals i.e. : -

4pm onwards
~ high tea
(malay kuih-muih + banana fritters + coffee & tea were served)

6.30pm onwards
~ dinner
(there were more than 10 dishes - vege, meat + crabs)

9.30pm onwards
~ supper
(we didn't have supper that night as we rest early because the cruise was cancelled due to rain)

Next morning
6.30am onwards
~ breakfast
(there were banana fritters, sunny side-up eggs, fried mee hoon, french toasts & sausages

12.00 noon
~ lunch
(we didn't stay long enough to have lunch as we drove back to KK around 9am)

Not bad huh? You can opt for day trip which comprises of 2 river cruise (monkeys & fireflies seeing) and dinner at RM 185/pax (normal price)

Contact :-

Borneo Proboscis River Lodge
Kota Klias Wetlands

Tel : (6)087-209221

Website : http://borneowildlife.org


Jessica said...

Wah... looks okay woh... But how's the food served there?

meatball online said...

food variety is good! and the taste also quite nice!

meatball online said...

u enjoy ur phuket honeymood ya!

meatball online said...

oh no... should be pangkor... kekeke.. old liao lor me...

Jessica said...

dear, it's not honeymoon... it's a trip with friends together...ahdui....

meatball online said...

ah dui... i thought honeymoon... kekeke

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