Monday, September 17, 2007

Have you tried this mooncake before?

Bites Tale : I was so excited to eat the donuts my sis bought... but my mum put them in the fridge when i was out with friends.. i can't reheat them in the oven because of the chocolate and icing topping... so they ended up to be the worst donuts i have eaten.. sigh.. how i wish my mum didn't put them in the fridge!

A friend gave this to us... he said it's homemade mooncake and very, very yummilicious!

Frankly speaking... i never saw such a "beautiful" mooncake before.. they look so cute that i took the knife out instantly when i saw them.. can't wait to taste!

The taste was nothing to be shout about... it's made of yam.. real yam.. and the skin is pastry like.. something like the texture of a danish... it is different from the other mooncakes you could get from outside, i feel like i was eating a pie than a mooncake (i lurveeee pie!). I would strongly recommend this to those who don't like sweet mooncake... and for those who like their mooncake sweet, they would think it's tasteless.. like what my mum commented.

Contact :-

Mrs. Tsen
Tel : 088-267545
H/P : 016-832 0270

Pic : The donuts that fly all the way from KL.. though they look ugly.. but my sis "protected" them through out her journey back home...


WokkingMum said...

You never seen those mooncakes before ah? That's a Teochew's favourite! Me Teochew .... ;)

Many years ago when it first started in Spore, the famous one was sold by a Hotel in Orchard. Always sold out. Must pre-order leh. But they cant be keep long like the normal mooncakes. ;)

meatball online said...

paiseh, paiseh... it's my 1st time seeing this type of mooncake.. teochew mooncake... now i know.. hehehe... thanks wokkingmum!

We finished it after 4 days.. kekeke.. ya.. need to finish it quickly.. if not the skin like not so "crunchy" anymore.

WokkingMum said...

Hehe ... I just saw a new type ... top filling with red bean paste and bottom yam paste. And not shaped like mooncake but like a big lao po (wifey) biscuit with flaky outer layer. It really looks like a moon lor. haha ... we cut it like a cake to eat it. Very nice. I think maybe your mum with like this type. the sweetness - just nice. ;)

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