Saturday, October 20, 2007

Think and Drive!

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I was driving to work and stopped at a junction.

A 4-wheel drive came up and stopped next to me, totally covered my view.. (so fine... let the driver go 1st).. but then he (a man, with his wife and kid in the car) drove out the junction then made a U-turn to get to the opposite road.. and it was illegal to do that... and there were cars coming to his direction.

And yes, he made the turn safely and drove away... (he must be thinking he is smart that time).

I hate it when i met this kind of "brainless" driver... already there're news on the paper about car accidents everyday... and yet there are still people out there who "purposely" risked their lives and their passengers' lives...



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

totally agree!did u read about Japan's race driver who died 2 weeks ago when he rammed into an on-coming truck tt did an illegal u-turn. And running reds should be a jailable offence!it's like a disease in kk.

meatball online said...

ya, u are right! sometimes just looking at how they drive gets on my nerves..

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