Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vanilla Little Cakes

Bites Tale : Something wrong with the internet connection since yesterday... i felt like one part of me is missing... hands getting itchy... now i realised how much i love to blog!

I found this recipe from malaysianbabes forum.

It's so easy to make and is delicious too!


230g of unsalted butter
200g of caster sugar
4 eggs
190g of self-raising flour
6g of baking powder
Sultanas, vanilla essence and salt


1. Blend in butter and sugar and beat till light and fluffy;

2. Add in vanilla essence (i use 1 drop) and salt (1 pinch);

3. Add in the egg slowly.. 1 by 1... (whole process of adding the 4 eggs takes about 5 minutes);

4. Mix in flour and baking powder, beat again;

5. Line paper cups into the cupcakes tray, pour the mixture in into the cupcakes tray and sprinkle some sultanas.. (i use raisins only)

6. Bake at temperature of 200 degree celcius for 15 mins.. and you'll have 24 pcs of delicious vanilla little cakes


WokkingMum said...

Looks so nice!!

I think I can manage this ... must try this ... hehe ..

vanilla essence ... how much? 1 tsp?

meatball online said...

i just use 1 drop... may be 1/3 tsp will do.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

yes, me too i'm going to try it.

Creamster said...

That is NICE! Would love to try if I have the time .. ^_^

meatball online said...

go try it... it's really easy to do!

esther said...

yes, i would like to try this little boy now loves cupcakes. thanks for the recipe :)

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