Friday, October 5, 2007

Yogur Berry

Update : Yogur Berry outlet in City Mall is closed, but the Warisan Square outlet is still open for business.

Bites Tale : I need a hair cut!

Yogur berry is not something new in KK now, went to the outlet at Warisan Square a few times... a bit dissappointed as the portion are getting smaller.

My friend brought me and my sisters to the outlet at Citymall, i must say i won't be going to the outlet at Warisan Square anymore... but the staff at Citymall will start seeing me alot.. because they are generous in their serving... and their service are better too!

Look at the yogurt and the fruits!

Craving for it now?

Yogur Berry
1st Floor

Tel : 088-236860

Pic: The menu

1 comment:

esther said...

Wah, you must have a jolly good time with your sister (noticed that she posted the same)...lovely food :). Yummy, yummy :)

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