Saturday, November 10, 2007

2007 Female 50 Gorgeous People

Bites Tale : He went outstation and we spoke on the phone last nite, hung up.. then suddenly he rang back again, he said he wants to protest... i was wondering what is it.. he told me he was reading the meme i wrote... he said :"Name a friend whose name starts with the letter A, Annie; Name a friend whose name starts with the letter K, None.. Can't think of any.."; I said :"ya... so??", then he asked:"what's my name ah????"... We laughed.. I reply:"Gosh... i only remember your nickname bah!".. LOL :P

This is not something unusual for those Female Magazine's readers.

But this year's contest is sure something unusual to me... because,

One of my online buddy is on the list! She is not an ordinary online buddy... i have been a sliding ghost at her blog for more than a year... until i admit i'm addicted to her... and dropped her a comment at her blog.. that's how we started to be online buddies.. and No, she doesn't blog about recipesss... but yes, she blogs about food and her life... as well as her thoughts!

You could see that she's really pretty... if not, she won't be able to be in the running of the contest.. but to me, she's more than a pretty face... she always give me an impression of being "Genuine"... she's just a normal student who can really speaks out what's she thinks... (I could never do that when i was younger... even now is still a bit difficult for me)

Huh? You don't believe? Go read her blog!

Believe me, you'll like her... and she is from Kota Kinabalu.. yes... a real Sabahan! I really wish she could win this... she's got the look, the height and all she lacks of is your support to win this! I really, really hope she could win (gosh, i'm repeating the same sentence twice in one paragraph!)

Do vote for her... and this is how you do it :-

Online--> click this

SMS---> Type: FM<>50G<>YOUR NAME<>YOUR IC NUMBER<>CONTESTANT NUMBER(In this case type 37)<>SLOGAN(as in why you think she should win),
send it to 33668( the <> is a space in between the words)

MAGAZINE---> Buy the magazine and fill in the form inside and send it back.

I've already voted for her online... would you please vote for her too? I really hope she could win!

P/S : To sharin, make us (Sabahan) proud ya! Wish you all the best!


Ratu Syura said...

I just checked her blog. She's very pretty! She's got my vote! :D

Ratu Syura

meatball online said...

Thanks oh ratu syura... i even "forced" my bf to vote!! :P


haaa?? meatball u female ahh?? alamak!!!muahahhaaaa... hey shes pretty!!!!

meatball online said...

aron, die lor... u dun realise i'm a gal??? alamak!!!! ya lor.. she very pretty and very very tall oh... very outspoken also!

Shemah said...

Wah.. you and your friend have foodnames for your blogaddress.. how cool..

Btw, your friend is really purrrtttyyy... :D

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