Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Come, Let's go to Ma Baker's Cafe

Bites Tale : I saw one of my closest friend's butt yesterday... and i took a picture of it! Unbelievable... (Hey! Come back! Stop wondering... she asked me to took it! :) .... But, Not for blogging of course!)

Honestly, the only thing that is on my mind while i'm typing this is :

"Ma Baker's Cafe makes dieting impossible!!!"

It's true. I mean, i used to skip my lunch about 4 days a week after my regular lunch partner has left and i used it as an opportunity to cut down on my food intake. But ever since i read about Ma Baker's Cafe and went there to try it out myself... the word "Diet" is the last thing on my mind.

I remembered the 1st time i went there with my friend, we ordered the most raved about Chicken Chop (RM8.90).

I must say the chicken chop was nice... best of all, it is grilled. Although it was served with mushroom gravy but i personally like it on its own.. without dipping my meat into the mushroom gravy because the gravy is a bit tasteless and "watery" for me so i dipped my french fries (which is served together with the chicken chop) into it instead.

Then before we go, we ordered mango cheesecakes to take away (intended for our tea break)... that's when there is "no turning back" (no turning back to my diet plan, i mean!). Not even 5 mins i reached the office, i took the 1st bite of the cheesecake and finished it in a blink of eye.

Since that day, Ma Baker's Cafe became our favourite lunch spot and every time we go there, we tend to try out something new.. except for my friend... she is so in lurveeee with the spaghetti there.. i think she keep ordering it every time.

So these are some of the dishes we've tried there...

This is submarine (RM4.90).. a sandwich made of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and turkey ham.. it's a good choice if you need something light for lunch.. have it with hot coffee.. it's perfect! But, it would be much better if they can heat the bun 1st before serving. (I took this pic from www.ravejoint.com !)

Next, the oh-so-wanted spaghetti (RM6.90).. it's really good! We finished the whole plate every time. At first, we used to share a plate of spaghetti and a sandwich/chicken chop/chicken wings... but now.. having half plate of spaghetti just cannot satisfy our cravings.. so now we order 1 plate each without sharing.. hahaha!

Here comes my favourite! The chicken wings (RM8.90 for half dozen)... apart from the cheesecakes, this is also the main reason why they are making dieting impossible. Like what i've said, we used to share our lunch.. but now, because the chicken wings were so good and simply because we are greedy, we once ordered chicken wings for sharing eventhough we already ordered 1 main dish each... just imagine how much food we eat during lunch.. not forgetting the "take away cheesecakes" for our tea break!

Speaking about cheesecakes, the Cafe owner, Christina told me that they normally would have 5 different cakes (freshly made) everyday. So i can't tell you what you can get there... but may be because of that, i love going to her place because i get excited to know what she's got to offer on that day. Some of the cakes i've tried there are :
  • Mango cheesecake - Nice!
  • Carrot cake - Yummilicious!
  • Cheese pie - Ok, ok lah!
  • (I'm stucked here.. can't remember!!)
  • Red Cherry cheesecake - This is the most delicious of all!
Sigh... (ya, i know i should be happy..) but, i really must do something here so that i don't turn myself into a bigger piece of meatball... either i should prevent myself from going there for lunch or i should stop buying cakes from there... but... hmmm... it doesn't sound possible..

What the heck! I wanna enjoy good food lah! Oh, did i tell you her curry chicken (comes in a set @ RM9.90 served with rice & soup + coffee/tea) was very nice too? (The picture is with my friend, i forgot to bring my camera on that day!) I kinda craving for it now... may be i should try my friend's suggestion...

"Just go there la... instead of take away the cheesecakes.. let's share a piece of cheesecake.. only 1 piece.. after our meal.. then at least can cut down a bit lah!"


(For more information on Ma Baker's Cafe, please visit Ravejoint!)

Ma Baker's Cafe
Lot 2, Teck Guan Villa
Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-237498

Pic: How the Cafe looks like from outside!


sting said...

ahh... now I know where to go for food when I'm in KK :-)

Ratu Syura said...

OMG!! That chicken chop looks so good!! And so does everything else!! I want! I want!!

TS Lim said...

Woot, the review is finally here. Thanks for the link and oh we are going to put up a new design for the site soon.

meatball online said...

sting, hahaha... hope they maintained their "standard"! when r u coming to KK?

ratu syura, yup! the chicken chop is good... but for weight watchers like us.. we must "take off" the chicken skin! wakakaka!

ts, sorry to be so slow in posting the review, will check out the new design.. been so busy i didn't rave about anything these past weeks.

Nick Phillips said...

Oh man, that food looks really, really, really delicious. It's definitely not going to do my diet one bit of good ... LOL!

meatball online said...

hahaha... ya... sometimes it's so difficult.. i wish i have a body that won't grow fat if i eat too much!

Nux V said...

aiseh! at KK ar? so far from KL :-(

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