Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blog Break

Bites Tale : Still have alot of things to buy and pack! I think i'll be wearing my Reebok shoes (which is meant for aerobic) if i can't find the trekking shoes that fit me... i think it should be ok.. hope so.. if not, instead of walking .. i'll just do "roller-blading" in jungle.. muahahaha.. but then.. if i slipped, then all leeches will be crawling on my body... die (can't laugh anymore)!

Getting very busy getting ready for the trip... so many things to buy and prepare... at the meantime also busy with work..

So i'll be taking a break off from blogging now till i'm back.

See you in 2 weeks time!

In the meantime.. please pray for me and my "partners in crime"... (just a simple one)...

A safe journey from and back home! (That'll include all i guess...)

Till then, see ya!


sting said...

have fun ya.. jungle girl!


aron will pray for u always:) ask god to send his angel to guide:) take caare

levian said...

have a great trip !! hehe. bon voyage ~~ ;)

maslight said...

come back soon!!!! and haf fun!

Donlyn said...

Have a great trip! When you are home, check out my friends web site,
It's like traveling to Greece! It's the best ever! We will see you soon.

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