Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm feeling better...

Bites Tale : I'm feeling better now... still feel a bit of pain on the neck... sometimes makes me dizzy and headache... Now i can drive, go window shopping, eating out and work as usual... only when i am tired then i wear the neck support and be careful not to have big movement on the neck (just stay slow and steady). But i feel tired easily... always wanted to sleep... and i'm feeling a bit "slower and dumb" than before... doctor said is normal due to shock... sigh...

2008 is coming real soon.

Have not set any new year resolution yet... but i think i won't be setting any for 2008... i somehow noticed that i've "changed" after the accident... it seems like everything doesn't seems to be as important as before anymore... most important is just to be happy and don't stress myself too much. With so many loved ones around me and people who loves me (including you, my blogger friends), i really don't have anything to complaint... but to feel really grateful and blessed.

Some were wondering actually where have i been... that how come i was in a boat coming out from Selingan Island and what happened to the leeches that i blogged previously about how scared i am to them. So, i'll be blogging about my trip in details soon.

To start, there were 6 of us which includes 2 guides and 1 driver. Why driver? Because we went for a self-driving trip from Kota Kinabalu to some of the major tourist spots all around Sabah. Here's the itinerary :

09 Dec 07

Off from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud (Kota Belud Sunday Market)
Kota Belud to Kudat (Bee Farm, Gong Making Village)
Tip of Borneo
Overnight at Rungus Long House

10 Dec 07

Off from Kudat to Bilit (River Cruise @ Kinabatangan River)
Overnight at Bilit Adventure Lodge

11 Dec 07

Jungle Trekking to Ox Bow Lake
Overnight at Bilit Adventure Lodge

12 Dec 07

Off from Bilit Adventure Lodge to Gomantong Cave
Gomantong Cave to Lahad Datu Town
Danum Valley
Overnight at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

13 Dec 07

Jungle Trekkings at Danum Valley
Overnight at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

14 Dec 07

Off from Danum Valley to Lahad Datu Town
Lahad Datu to Sandakan
Overnight at Sepilok Jungle Resort

15 Dec 07

Off to Sandakan Jetty to Selingan Island
Overnight at Selingan Island for Turtle watching

16 Dec 07

Off from Selingan Island to Sandakan
Sandakan City Tour
Off from Sandakan to Mesilau
Overnight at Mesilau

17 Dec 07

Off from Mesilau to Kota Kinabalu (Home!)

As you all know by now, the trip ended after the accident, 3 of us went home straight by plane on 16 December evening... while the 2 guides and the driver remained in Sandakan to wait for the original copies of the police report and will drive back to KK after that.

Although we couldn't finish our journey, but we were really glad that all of us still alive and not badly wounded.


Sweetiepie said...

Hope everything is going to be smooth in year 2008.Wish you all the best and happy new year to you!:)

sting said...

happy new year.. take care.. hope 2008 will be better ya..

Deana E said...

meatball, Wishing you and family a blessed new year 2008! hope for more blessing to come this what a journey you have there...!!1

meatball online said...

sweetie pie, sting, deana... thanks! wish all the best to u all too! will be blogging about the trip!

TS Lim said...

Glad you're ok. 2008 will definitely be better. =)

levian said...

a belated Happy 2008 !! wishing you a safe n Great Year ahead !! hehe .. ;)

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