Monday, March 31, 2008

Wat Chayamankalaram, Penang

Bites Tale : I feel like this blog is becoming a travel blog rather than a food blog... time to do some cooking / baking....

Wat Chayamankalaram is the 1st place we visited in Penang. It is a Thai Buddhist Temple. I’ve been to this place with my family in year 1994 and now i revisited it again. But i was really young to appreciate what is in the temple then.

Pic : The gate of the temple

It is famous for its world’s 3rd largest reclining Buddha which is 33 metres in length. What the tourists normally do is to take pictures with this Buddha... at least, that’s what i thought.

Pic : The famous reclining Buddha

Until, i saw what is written on the walls of the “bed” where the statue of the Buddha is lying on. I can’t remember seeing them... i was only thinking of “oh, this is the place where the big Buddha is...” when i came down from the van. Each wall was written the story of Buddha, of course, with pictures... crafted on each wall.

I was enjoying reading it that i didn’t realised it was taking me too long to finish... my mum has to chase me out of the temple so that we could get on our journey.

So, to whoever who is going to visit this temple in the future... instead of taking pictures with the reclining Buddha, don’t forget to appreciate the other things in the temple! Oh ya! remember to take of your shoes and your hat/cap before entering to any temple.

Pic : Front view of the temple

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