Friday, April 11, 2008

Burmese Buddhist Temple, Penang

Bites Tale : Anyone wanna visit Sabah or wanna go to Bali? Drop me a message. ;) By the way, wat is happening to kinky blue fairy's blog... it changes into adults site today.. i want the malaysian photographer kinky blue fairy back!!! Adult site sucks!

Continue from the Wat Chayamankalaram entry...

We came out from Wat Chayamankalaram which is a Thai Buddhist Temple, and just across the street is another temple - Burmese Buddhist Temple.

I do not know what is the difference between the 2 temple but i notice there are many of the "flying dragon", you'll see what i mean in the photos here. We just walked around the garden outside the temple and didn't went in as we saw people praying.

Pic : I managed to took this from the door... i think this Buddha statue is painted with real gold.. can't describe how shiny it is in real.

Pic : This is the "Flying Dragon" i was talking about

Pic : I think it look nicer overall compared to Wat Chayamankalaram

Pic : They even have a statue of buddha with every horoscope

We didn't spend much time in this temple as we wanted to quickly visit all the tourist spots then go for shopping... which we regretted...

For those who are going on Star Cruise Trip, please don't miss the night shows as the performance is very interesting and there will be a short briefing regarding the place the ship will be docking the next day... the emcee will provide useful info such as how much a taxi will cost, where to shop and places to visit and where / what time should you gather to go down from the ship.

Pic : Flying dragons with the globe

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