Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fantasea @ Phuket

Bites Tale : Been busy with work and watching HK drama at night. That's why so slow in posting new entry.

Noticed how i used this title on the previous entry?

I wanted to blog about Fantasea so much.. but ended up with talking crap pula.

Fantasea is the best tourist spot in Phuket. It is a cultural village / theme park where you can see lots of cultural parades, crafts, theater show and elephant rides. It is also a good place to get souvenirs home.

Pic : All the buildings are very colourful with neon lights

We came here after dinner at the ship and mum has been longing to watch the oh-so-famous theater show "Fantasy of A Kingdom" so we joined the tour arrangement by Star Cruise at S$95 per person. Expensive right? But no choice as we don't want to miss the show.. this tour arrangement including return transfer from the ship to Fantasea, english speaking guide, gold seat to the show and also entrance fee. We enjoyed it very much but the only thing is we were very very tired to enjoy the show.. as the show only starts at 9pm. So by 11pm... we kinda have heavy eyes. But the show is good and i've never seen theater show with goats, chicken + other animal running in and out of the stage.... and also acrobat performance on top of the audience... pity that they don't allow camera and handphone with camera to enter the hall. They have really strict security... they checked all bags before letting the audience in.

The only thing i don't like is the clown show... very scary...

Pic : Welcome sign... wonder why the chinese new year decoration is still up...

And the place you don't wanna miss is this....

I called it Crystal Palace.... don't know what it really called because i can't see the signboard clearly... too shinny.

Pic : Can u see?

Things they sell.... i don't dare to look at the price... :P

So, i ended up buying some souvenirs from here...

The famous buffet restaurant here that served Royal Thai dishes and international delicacies. We didn't get to try as the journey from the port to Fantasea took us about 1 hour... so we arrived there around 8.30pm.

Pic : The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Can see what's inside this pic?

Elephants! Don't dare to get too close to big elephant... i'm afraid of their trunks.

But i managed to touch baby elephant on my way into the theater.

Pic : This is Palace of the Elephants where the Theater show will be performed

Pic : Trying to get picture of the whole building

It was almost midnight after we came out from the theater... getting our camera and handphone back from the counter. Of course, we didn't get to visit other parts of the park such as Viva Bangkok (Stage Theater) and Hanuman 's Lair (Entertainment Centre & Tiger Adventure Safari) because it was too late.

Really tiring...

Luckily, the crew prepared supper for everyone that night as they expected all guest will be back to the ship late. :)

Pic : Since we came back early from Krabi, me and my sis went to watch movie at the lounge after lunch.


Zooropa said...

Nice pix! Have a nice day.


Bento Pet said...

wow! you've really been travelling the world!! enjoy!

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