Monday, April 14, 2008

Kek Lok Si Temple - Temple of Supreme Bliss, Penang

Bites Tale : 我才知道我那么没智慧。

Kek Lok Si is one of the famous temple in Penang.

We didn't walked up the staircases to the Pagoda of the Ten Thousand Buddha this time as the weather is too hot so the driver drove us up to the temple on top of the hill.

Pic : I know, i know... this pic looks strange.

I remember the Goddess of Mercy statue is very tall and big... not like this.. where only half of her body was put on the balcony of the temple. They took this old statue down so that they could build a new one, which is still under construction.

Pic : Very big huh?

We didn't went into the temple as there is a woman inside setting up a table. So we just have a peek there and spent our time taking pictures at the garden before we went off.

Pic : The Temple

Pic : How the temple look like inside

They do have a nice fish pond here.... just nice for us to rest and to enjoy some breeze especially when the weather is so hot.

Pic : The hut in the middle of the pond

And look at the carps.... :)

Pic : Big fat colourful carps

The weather is just too hot for us to spend anymore time here, and there's not much to see since the statue of the Goddess of Mercy is still under construction and we didn't walk up the stairs of the pagoda where there will be lots of people selling carving of statues / animals, beads and etc.

But you can see a magnificent view of Penang from the top of the hill where the temple is at.

Pic : Can you see Komtar? Komtar = The tallest building in Penang

P/S: Off track a little, Air Asia is having Mad Mad Sale to Indonesia from RM10.... Feel like going to Bali again... but sure cannot... i'm broke now, and i have another trip coming soon... sigh.

Pic : There are 2 pots of "kam kat" outside the temple... never seen such big ones

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