Friday, June 6, 2008

The Crew's Show

Bites Tale: Went to see a house for sale with my cousins last sunday... the house was really nice... renovated the way i would want it... especially for the kitchen... but still need to do some renovation to it... would love to own it.. but the price was a bit high for me.

There will be performance everynight in the ship, but camera and video are not allowed to take any pic or do any recording when the performance is on-going... except for this...

The Crew's Show

If you think the performance will be unprofessional compared to the professional performance they hire to do performance... you are wrong... i must say... all of us are really impressed with the performance by the crew.

Just scroll down and look at the pics :

Dance performance for opening of the show

Star Cruise Gemini very own Michael Buble (He sings really really well!!!)

They even have male-version toni braxton

I forgot what they sing, but it was quite good

Ahh... he is one of the entertainment crew member who showed us around the ship, he can sing very well too.. i heard he is one of the best singer in the ship.

Shy guy... one of the most popular entertainment crew... pulled one guest in for the show... and started singing "I'm so young and you so old...". All the crowd was laughing...

Shy guy turned into Justin Timberlake

No need to go to Thailand to see this.... go star cruise gemini can liao lor...

Full Monty, anyone?

Hahahaha, they didn't striped to the last piece of clothes.... and look what we have here... pretty indian lady... gotcha!! she is a he .... hahahaha

They are playing a game which i don't know what it is... but we were laughing until all of us bending down and holding our tummy...

Wow... nice outfit!!!

Look at shy guy who is not that shy tonight.... try to see carefully what is special in this pic..

Tada!!! he pulled it off very fast... and only then we notice there is a balloon... *evil grin..

We did have a very good time laughing through out the whole show... thumbs up for the crew!!!

Pic : Can you believe he is the crew director??? We were all shocked to see him like this!!

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cheesecakeerian said...

Hey, I had fun viewing all these pictures! =D

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