Monday, June 2, 2008

I had a nightmare .... again

Bites Tale : I tried to go back to sleep again, and closed my eyes, suddenly i saw lightings... i jumped up from the bed.. turns out to be my sis's handphone ringing... and she sleeps like as if she's dead. Sigh...

I've always had nightmares...with the same scenario.... sea water... coming towards me... and covered me.

But this time, i dreamt of someone... someone i never met before. In my dream, there were a group of people with me... i told 1 of them, a man much older than me, that i don't know what to do.. i don't know how to swim.. he told me to hold his hand... where everyone from that group was holding hands and get ready for the water to come. I saw a fierce water coming... closed my eyes.. but suddenly everything felt so slow... we are in water but my feet is still on the ground, i'm scared but felt safe being next to the man... the water just came through us... leaving us all wet but not drown... i heard him said "Don't worry, it just want us to pay respect."

Then, I was awake.

Strange dream.

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Life, Here & There said...

sometimes dream means something hidden or it wants to tell you about something. your dream really strange leh.maybe that man is your guardian one knows...

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