Friday, August 1, 2008

Rungus Long House

Bites Tale : You looked so pale and thin, it actually shocked me... please take good care of yourself.... please...

We spent the rest of the day at Bavaggazo Rungus Longhouse.

Rungus tribe is the main ethnic group in Kudat and are renowed in for their skills in making colourful beaded accessories, basket and cloth weaving. Staying at the longhouse is really a new experience for us, the most difficult part for me is to bath with no water heater.. (shy... i'm a spoilt brat, i know!)... and to bath together with men! Hahaha... of cos in different cubicle.. but still.. there's still not enough "privacy" during bath time. But i do really enjoy the time when we were all standing side by side and brush our teeth after dinner. That was fun.

We were greeted and were brought to the rooms we will be staying overnight. We then unpacked, rest and chit chat while having our tea break.

Pic : The longhouse we stayed overnight

Pic : Overview of the long house, the doors at the left are doors to our rooms

Pic : One of the handicrafts that Rungus tribe is famous of making - Inavol (or is it inovol)??

Pic : Staircase and walkway to the washroom

Pic : Can see the white colour wall? That's where we were when nature calls, bath and brush teeth together.

Pic : Can't live without the ultimate companion of all times - Nescafe 3 in 1 Classic

Pic : What have we got here??? ---- Roti Kahwin from Fu Yuen, Damai

Pic : Who'd have thought - having Nescafe + Fu Yuen's Roti Kahwin at longhouse - bet Fu Yuen's boss will be happy to know this! ;)

Pic : Our "tents" - and my torchlight.. it's quite dark in the room even with the lights on... u can't see it because of my camera flash

Pic : They even have a "rack" for us to put our bags and stuffs

Pic : Night view of the longhouse

Pic : We had dinner at a hut right at the side of the long house

Pic : Our dining table & chairs

Pic : What have we got here?

Pic : Was really surprise at the variety of the dishes

Pic : Clearer view... wow...

Pic : I could only take this much... the men helped to finish the food

Pic : Our guide helped us to get rid of mosquitoes... wonder whether it could really helps... but it's so sweet of him..

Pic : Entertained by the villagers... this is the famous bamboo dance

Pic : Traditional costume and dance

Pic : Die... i forgot what they called this... is a game... you are to take out the yellow thread

Pic : I'm not stupid after all... :P

Pic : My bed..... and my torchlight

Pic : 1st time sleeping in a tent, a longhouse, and a village... the men helped to lock us in by slipping the tend under our mattress... so that no bugs or animal can go in.. unless they could bite.. O-0

Pic : Our breakfast... :)

Pic : View across the hut where we had our meals... nice weather today...

Pic : Side view of the long house...

Pic : I forgot to ask what this is.... anyone?

Pic : Guess which one is my feet... there're lots of mosquitoes so we "stuffed" our pants into our socks... hahaha


Meitzeu said...

The smaller one is your feet.
Size 5, kakakkaka...
I want eat tapai..One more month & few days...kekekek

LiNg LinG said...


meatball online said...

hahaha... luckily u still can recognize ur sis's feet. :P

ling ling, 那你应该要来试一试哦!

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