Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mengkabong Water Village

Bites Tale : This blog entry was lying in my draft folder since 24 August 2008, that's why i can blog so soon after the previous entry is published! :D

If once in a while you would love to have a nice quiet place to relax and not so far from town, this could be a good choice. A bookworm like me would love to bring a good book, order a hot cup of coffee (even better with some banana fritters) and start reading while the others who love sports can entertain themselves with the many activities available here.
Pic : Board games & darts for those who are scared to be under the sun

Pic : Anyone up for banana boat ride?

Pic : How bout a volley ball game?

Pic : A race... may be?

Pic : I like this --- Batik Painting

Pic: Finished products :P

Despite the many activities here, the main attraction here is a river cruise to the Mengkabong Water Village -- a village built on water where the Bajau fishermen live since early 19 century.

Pic : Jetty
Pic : Off we go

We were told that the villages divided into 2 sides, the one at near the river banks are complete with the basic facilities such as water and electricity supplies while the other side are lack of facilities due to no road access.

Pic : The houses without electricity

Pic : Village side that are complete with the basic infrastructure

Pic : Surrounded by Mangroves

Some pics for those who wants to know whether the loo is well-maintained :

Pic : Nice eh?

Pic : Not bad

Pic : Nothing fancy, but it's well maintained as compared to 1 Borneo's :P

After having tea break, we decided to drive to the village and observe whether there is any possibility for us to add in some activities like visiting the village forks and understanding their culture and day-to-day activities.

Pic : These banana fritters tasted ichiban!

Unfortunately, we were taken aback by the kids in the village. Most of the villagers are nice and welcome our visits, however, there were a group of kids who acted out of control and asking for money from us. They even put nails at one of our tyre when we were reversing our car.

Although it would be a great idea to let tourists and even the locals to understand the culture and experience for themselves at the village, we had to abandon this idea until the right time has come.

Pic : Part of the village

Pic : There's sufficient life jackets supply here


Amy C said...

hellu...mengkabau looks like a nice place gonna put it in my wishlist! XD

btw, hw r u? ;)

meatball online said...

Yup. Nice but some said it's a boring place.

I'm fine, just bz w work only. :P

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