Monday, December 7, 2009

Sushi @ Jonker Street, Melaka

Bites Tale : Any recommendation of nice Japanese food in KK now? One of my friend is flying to Brunei tomorrow just to try out at a famous Japanese restaurant. If it is that good, can't wait to go try it out myself.

This is highly recommended by a friend from Singapore who always visit Melaka and wouldn't give this place a miss.

Frankly, i was surprise of the quality and presentation of the sushi served here, and not forgetting the pricing... everyone would be so satisfied. No wonder i see people queuing up and waiting for to go.

If you think we are having this at a Japanese restaurant in Melaka, you are wrong.

This is how it looks like - just a normal food stall by the street. (Sorry for the blurry pic):

Nice eh? And we only paid RM28 for the sushi and 5 glasses of green tea.



Johnny Ong said...

so many pieces at rm28 only? not bad man

meatball online said...

Yup. I was surprised too! Can't find pricing with such good food like this in KK. Now Melaka is in my "Must Visit" list. :)

maslight said...

Omg, I couldn't have guess. A stall? @_@ OMG. TAKE ME TO MELAKA NOW!

meatball online said...

hahaha... yalor mas, i think Melaka will be a perfect place to visit with your gang!

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