Friday, March 19, 2010

Supper at Bentong, Pahang

Went to KL for a 1 day working trip last week and have the opportunity to travel to Bentong, Pahang by car.

Purpose of Trip :

To visit the Chamang Waterfall
To find good food in Bentong

Do you know that Bentong is famous for its bean curd and homemade ice cream?

Pity that I didn't get to try both as time is too short. Reach Bentong at around 830pm and we went dinner at my friend's parents food outlet, then the next day went to Chamang Waterfall, lunch and drive back to KL airport for flight home.

After dinner, my friend brought us to this dessert / supper stall in the street where the locals love to go after their dinner.

These were what we had :

We dipped the kuih into the oat milk.

It's my first time to eat like that and I'm lovin' it!

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