Monday, April 26, 2010

The Rungus vs The Ultraman

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Most tourists who visit Sabah will always bring some Rungus beads back home as their souvenir for loved ones.

I am not sure whether anyone of them or even us local noticed the man-like motif easily found on most of the beads. I only noticed that when i was at the Rungus Long House where the beads were being displayed for sale.

Stupidly i asked :"Mengapa kamu nak buat bunga Ultraman?" (Translation : "Why do you want to put the Ultraman design?")

The lady was laughing while she explain that the motif is not a new design, it was passed on since her ancestors time and the motif is actually represent their guardian who watch over them. I am ashamed on how ignorant i am to the native culture of where i was born.

But it is great to discover and learn more during our daily life, and i strongly agree that travelling will open your eyes and mind wider, but of course it is still up to us to decide whether we are interested to understand the different culture here.

This is what i encountered when i was in Singapore for work. When we tried to introduce Sabah / Kota Kinabalu as a destination worth to travel and a great place to discover the many unique native tribes we have here.... about 80% of the people will answer me :

"Sabah? KK? Alot of Mosquitoes... i am not interested to go!"

Now i wonder... there are no Mosquitoes in Singapore kah?

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LaViaP said...

according to my friend, which i find it quite true, the deeper you go into the jungle, the lesser you will find a mosquito. but, mosquito at singapore are "well behave" as compared to here in KK?

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