Thursday, September 2, 2010

My 1st Advertorial Post - Reebonz

Bites Tale : Please be advised that all photos posted here are not being photoshop at all. Photos were mostly taken using my Blackberry Bold / Sony Camera. I get comments from some saying that the photos i posted up on Sabah / Kota Kinabalu look nice only because they are photoshopped?!!! No lah... Sabah / Kota Kinabalu is in deed very nice place and there are alot more nicer places to explore. :)

I came to know about Reebonz through some fashion / personal blogs. Reebonz is an exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands such as Gucci, Coach, Marc Jacobs etc and no, you cannot find any LV here.

Events are open to members only and held for 2 - 3 days only, some discounts are up to 70% off and once events ended, they are gone for good. Joining Reebonz is free but in order to become member, you have to be invited by an existing member.

Click this link for your invitation to become a member immediately :

Invitation - Reebonz Member

I regret that i missed the Emporio Armani and Prada Sale at Reebonz because i was too busy with work in Singapore.

Oh ya... did i mentioned that they also have Installment Payment Plans from 12 banks?

Go take a look at their current events and past events so you know what do they offer.

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