Saturday, April 16, 2011

CHERLEC Borneo Jewels, KK

The 1st time I read about CHERLEC designs is from ala page magazine sometime last year. The rafflesia and nepenthes pendants have caught my attention. I was happy that, "someone" appreciates the flora and fauna found in Borneo and also things that "symbolise" Malaysia and starts to design accessories for us to wear.

At that moment, I've told myself I must visit CHERLEC at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu and must know who is the designer, just to let him/her know that I love the design, no matter whether I can afford it or not.

But, I only managed to visit CHERLEC this year, around end of Feb 2011 when I was with mum at Hyatt. I slowly browse through the items on display. And I asked the lady, who was patiently waiting for us to browse through what they have, whether she is the designer and she said yes. Told her I love her design and she was so happy. Even happier when she told me she is a Sabahan. We start to chat and I learnt how she and her husband work hard to design and finding the right jewellery maker to do their design. (Pssst... Their designs are send to Italy to make into the real thing. Each pearl / stone are handpicked by them.)

That was the day I got "addicted", but no regrets. I must support "Local products" :P

My 1st purchase was a small pearl necklace and a nepenthes pendant made of silver but rose gold plated. At the same time, I also love the rafflesia pendant which is made of rose gold, ruby and small diamonds but cost more than my budget. 

But the rafflesia pendant was still in my mind for about a month, kept thinking and dreaming about it. So I went there and bought the rafflesia pendant. :)

The lady boss, Cheryl taught me how to mix and match what I have bought and how to take care of each piece. And I even suggested to Cheryl that she can design Proboscis Monkey and Slipper Orchid pendant since she already have Orang Utan and Nepenthes. She said she was doing it but still not done yet. :P

Whenever I wear CHERLEC (stands for Cheryl & Alec -- the Husband ;)) I felt proud for Cheryl because she is a Sabahan and she appreciate and love what she is doing and show her love and idea to others. Whereas, I am proud of showing how beautiful each design is and each design idea is actually inspired by what we have in Sabah.

These are my purchases from CHERLEC: (also bought a mini pearl necklace few days back)

Pic : From Left to Right : Rafflesia Pendant, Small Pearl Necklace, Nepenthes Pendant

Pic : New Purchase - Mini Pearl Necklace

Pic : Small Pearl Necklace & Mini Pearl Necklace Comparison
Can't wait to go back and see any new design on Sabah / Borneo! Oh ya, they also have an outlet at Wisma Merdeka Ground Floor (somewhere near the exit to Hyatt Regency Kinabalu)

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CherRyBubU said...

I got my dream ring from them too. Very beautiful and simple. I would go back to them to get my wedding band. :)

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