Friday, August 5, 2011

Lunch at Boutique Cupcakes, City Mall, KK

Remember my 1st post on Boutique Cupcakes? Now it has closed its outlet at Lintas and moved to a bigger outlet at City Mall.

Went there for lunch with Mei Tzeu on a Saturday and we enjoyed the food + the atmosphere very much. 

These are what we ordered :

Pancake for Mei Tzeu

  Tuna sandwich for me

We enjoyed every bite of our food. Although many people commented that the pricing at Boutique Cupcakes is on the high side, but sometimes, food quality comes first. If the quality is good, we do not mind to pay a little bit more. It's a common scenario where some food outlets cannot maintain or being consistence  in their quality of food - taste, ingredients and presentation, Boutique Cupcakes is one of the food outlet that is still maintaining the quality. Will go there again soon to try the other food on the menu and keep you update.

: )

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