Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At last!!! I can say i've passed.

Bites Tale : The ones i made last time were too hard that i can kill someone...


Not bad huh??

It's not so hard anymore... only need some improvement on the base.. guess i really need to add some bread softener as what Chef Ang has advised.

The cheese ones taste quite nice... not the raisin ones though.. because i didn't put sugar on top.. so the raisins tasted a bit bitter..

Here's the recipe:

Ingredient :

500g bread flour
100g caster sugar
80g condensed milk
5g emulsifier
5g salt
30g shortening
1 egg
180g water
18g yeast


I just pour everything except the condensed milk, shortening & emulsifier into the cake mixer and mix, mix, mix until the mixture became a dough with low speed.

Then add the remaining ingredients into the cake mixer and mix, mix, mix again until the dough turned into a smoother dough (take 1 small piece of the dough and pull... it should be in "elastic" form, if it breaks, meaning u have to mix longer). Then pour the dough out and placed a damp cloth on it and wait for it to rise. Double the size. (it took me 20 minutes)

After that, cut into small sizes and make the shapes u desire... cover with damp cloth and wait for them to rise again.

Then put cheese/raisin/anything you like and wait for it to rise until double size (preheat the oven now). Bake them in the oven for 15 mins.. and walaaaa... done!!

Practice makes perfect! So i will be trying out with more flavours and shapes!

Aca-aca fighting!

Pic : Different shapes & flavours i've tried out!


WokkingMum said...

WOW! Looks good!!!
Even the rasin one looks good too!

ChloeTiff said...

lolz.. nice bread.. so when i have the luck to eat all of it? when i go back, teach me ! important ahhh.. hehehe.. i wanna learn..

meatball online said...

hehehe.. thanks wokking mum... will work hard again.. hopefully it will get softer..

chloe, hehehe u sure have chance one.. ya.. i bought a recipe book on bread.. we can learn together!

pompom said...

Don't 4get me ah!!

meatball online said...

of cos won't forget u!

lasilasi said...

nice what cheese is that? mozarella? edam? cheddar?

meatball online said...

it's cheddar cheese! i'm using kraft, the blue packaging one.. need to slice it ourselves one..

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