Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lost & found; and a terrible morning...

Bites Tale : Sometimes i wonder... why? why? why?... i felt so happy & lucky then the next minute.. It turned otherwise!

Was so happy this morning... because i found $ that i've lost... lost for a whole month and it got back to me.. no, i didn't misplaced it... someone sent it back!! Felt so blessed.. yet the next minute... things changed... boss told me to do something... i followed... i did what he asked me to.. then he wanted to change... but was too late, i've done it... money involved here.. and i can't just changed.. was very upset when he keep saying i don't understand what he wants... i do understand finally why he wants to change... but it was too late to make changes..

Did a lot of thinking... no point of persisting my point... both will get more frustrated. So i said sorry, and told him i've done it before he said he want to change. Lastly, he said up to me, as long as he gets what he wants in the 1st place.

Though things will be settled at the end of the day... i still feel bad...

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