Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am not giving up!!!

Bites Tale: 失败乃成功之母 (Failure is the Mother of Success)

Hmmm... not sure what's happening to me...

My 1st attempt to bake wholemeal bread last month :-

Verdict from my dad :

"if you start throwing them at people's head... they sure start bleeding."

Okay, fine...

I wanted to try making another cheesecake recipe... Pina Colada... sounds nice huh? So, i try making it last night...

Looks alright oh?


It was too soft... not set at all... and tasted a bit awkward

Ended up in the bin now...



lasilasi said...

lol yr dad is funny!!

but the bread's presentation is nice! hmm as for cheesecake, are u making a frozen cheesecake? did u mix any water/milk? I have got a nice recipe for frozen cheesecake which had always been in my mind (made it a few times so you can guarantee it's 'sucecessfulness' keke):

2x philly cheese
half-1cup sour cream
1/4 cup lemon juice, and maybe some grinds too!
1/4 cup warm water add in 2 teaspoon gelatin
1/4 cup sugar (or maybe more - try the mixture and u decide!)
mix em all up!

as for the base, I used 8-10 pieces of any cookies i can reach + enough butter to wet the crushed cookies to form the base. refridgerate in the freezer for half an hr before you pour the mixture in.

refridgerate the cake (not in the freezer) overnight until it set!

u can possibly try that next time u hands itch to make somethg lol

lasilasi said...

oh i just realised u ve got lemon cheesecake recipe! the recipe i wrote is the kind of really thick creamy cheesecake - and it's harder to beat (get someone to swap with u to do the beating or just use the blender - but dont overblend it!)

meatball online said...

wow! thanks lasilasi... will sure try ur recipe.. i think the problem with my cheesecake last nite was probably because i didn't put enough gelatine.. i added condensed milk.. no water (only the syrup from the pineapple can)..

but will not give up.. and will try ur recipe.. do u mine if i ask u what brand of sour cream you use?

esther said...

you're doing alright...practice makes perfect...btw, lasilasi, thanks for the recipe :p

meatball online said...

thanks for ur support esther!

hmm.. i wonder sour cream is the same with yogurt??

Tracy Tan said...

there should be a great recipe on the package when you buy the philly cream cheese for the cake.

and i find that the internet makes such a good resource for cooking. i just google it :)

meatball online said...

ya, i normally get the lemon cheesecake recipe from the philly packaging.. my friend tried it.. make it for my last year's birthday.. very nice! think i'll try that too!

YES! agreed with u on that... especially with talented people like wokkingmum, hokchiak, terri@hungerhunger and many others..

lasilasi said...

hehe i just go with the cheapest sour cream brand =p i remember 'pura' is quite good or something like 'bulla'? =p

lasilasi said...

sour cream is harder than yogurt btw. umm yogurt is sweeter n creamier (and i love to eat it with muesli! sour cream is best to go with avocado and nachos hoho).

WokkingMum said...

Dont give up! I have seen your other creations, you can make it!
I just failed my coconut jelly today. Also not enough gelatine. :p

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