Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How are you today?

Bites Tale : Remember how you learn to walk the 1st time??

Mum was upset last night.

She had a fight with my sis... (sigh... both are very quick tempered).. of course, it all comes down to mum worrying about sis being taken advantage by her friend, A; and sis is mad because she don't like the way mum is talking to her and interrupted her personal life.

I told mum, "don't be upset.. sometimes, we (the children) need to learn our own lessons... especially when we refused to listen, so even if you knew we will end up hurting ourselves, just let us be... that's the learning process. And at the end of the day, be there for us when we need you."

I think she felt better already this morning... even asked me out for dim sum breakfast. Felt so bad to reject her offer, but will sure be late for work if i go breakfast with dad & her. Luckily she understands...


pic: i love kopi-o, but trying to reduce drinking caffeine...


esther said...

you're a good daughter.....i believe you'll also be a good mother one day :p

meatball online said...

thanks for ur compliment esther, hehehe... u haven't see when i get mad sometimes.. it's not easy to be a mother.. somemore a good one.. i hope i could.. become someone like u + hazel + wokkingmum + terri@hunger-hunger. that would be so nice!

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