Sunday, August 5, 2007

Souvenirs from Sabah...

Bites Tale: The little things that counts!

So, what would you buy if you are to visit Sabah? or what would you bring from Sabah when you are visiting a friend/relative in another country?

I've always thought a T-shirt and some local malay cookies would be a good choice... or may be something like these :


Something like a box to put sweets / jewelry / even paper clips for office use..

A nice decoration..

or even some vases..

It's only recently that i learned from a colleague who mostly deals with affiliates from Hong Kong that there's a very famous "souvenir" from Sabah people from Hong Kong love... at least, that's what she's being told.

It's "Ice cream"... yes, you read it correctly... Ice cream from Sabah... i was shocked too... especially when she told me, some even buy about 10 boxes to bring back to Hong Kong as gifts..

Wonder what ice cream would that be as i think there'll be better / more famous ice-creams like Haagen Daz or Baskin Robbins easily available in Hong Kong.

It's called Ice Cream Potong... i'm sure some of you must have heard / even tried it before. Not sure whether it is available in any other places in Malaysia though..

I saw it at Giant Supermarket.. out of curiosity, i decided to buy a box of mixed flavoured so i could try for myself how good they really are...

This is how the box of ice creams looks :

Nice packaging huh?

Variety of flavours they have :

I haven't finish eating that whole box... some were eaten by my mom & sis... we have tried the avocado, cempedak, cendol, red bean and sweet corn flavour... frankly, we think they tasted so-so only... except for the red bean flavour... it's nice... really nice!

So i guess buying this next time may not be a bad idea after all...


esther said... as sovenir? it will melt by time reach the destination? i think the picture and vase will be a better sovenirs gifts item.
how are you, my dear?...btw, i only have multiply thinking to have a blog like yours...still thinking.. take care :)

meatball online said...

hahaha, it won't melt.. as it will be packed nicely.. just like those frozen prawn / fish people bringing out from KK.

Ya, i guess so too... at least the pic and vase can be keep forever.

I'm good.. busy with work as usual.. hahaha.. u take care too!

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