Monday, August 6, 2007

Felt so stupid oh...

Bites Tale: Mr. Perfect doesn't exist, what exist is understanding, trust, support & love between 2 lovers..

It happened last saturday when i was having dinner with my family & some family business partners. Not sure why suddenly the issue of marriage was brought up. Anyway, it ended up that i felt a bit embarrassed.


Because my sis told us that she heard from someone he's going to propose to me... and it will be very soon as the wedding will be next year.. i was like :"huh? WTH?". So the guests were congratulating me, reached out their hands waiting for me to reach out mine too. I did... to be polite.

But, when they (including my mom) asked me questions on the wedding, the dates, what to prepare etc... i had no idea... really... no idea.. totally zero knowledge. It seems they don't believe it as though i was trying to hide from them.. i felt stupid there actually.. and i don't believe he will do that because i knew he won't treat wedding as a surprise (joke) as it involves the 2 of us.. and our family.

And, when they asked me... "what does he do?" i can only say IT... "what kind of job?" again they asked... i said i don't know.. something to do with computers.. "what company he worked with?" i said he's a freelancer... "what is his real job, what does he earned for a living?" i said i don't know.. don't know how to explain. One of them asked me... you are going to marry him and you said you don't know?? There, i felt so..o...o...o..o... stupid again!!

I wish i could just tell them i don't know how to explain.. because i am an idiot in IT/Computer... even if i read the whole series on "Computers for Idiots"... i don't think i can explain his job.. I could only use computers for my paper work and blogging.. anything more than that i don't know... but then, of course i just smile and listen to my mom saying: "yalor... how to tell people what is his job? so difficult eh..."... i kept silent there... later that night, mom keep saying i look so stupid without knowing how to answer them..

I called him after dinner, and i asked him about the wedding and his job... he came to my house that night and told me in front of my mom that he would never do that... marriage is not for fun, and if we are to get married, we'll all plan it together.. if he got plans to marry me.. he will proposed to me.. tell our parents TOGETHER. And about his job, if someone were to ask again.. and if i feel difficult to explain, call him... he'd loved to come and explain.. and he said sorry to me... for making me feel embarrassed that night.

I know my parents are worried that he might not have a stable income... like what my dad told me yesterday while we are having lunch.. he said, "next time you marry him ah.. will he be able to buy you branded goods?".. "he must at least has a stable income before he marries you right?"...blaa.. blaa... blaah... (hey dad, i fell in love with him is not because i want him to buy me branded goods.. is simply because i think he's the one i'll be able to grow with..and grow old with!)

But i have confidence in him! Because since i met him... he's been busy... he's not jobless.. with nothing to do.. and he is not sleeping all day long, shaking his legs and waits for money to drop from the sky. He's got his plans, and when he's ready... he will propose and we'll not hide it from anyone.


esther said...

he did the right thing in explaining to your parents f2f. Yes, the next time round if anyone were to ask, just pretend dialling his number and tell them to ask him directly....kekeke...
Hey, MB, you've got your love life in focus...^o^

meatball online said...

thanks esther, i really felt blessed to be with him..

cheesecakeerian said...

My bf does computer 'stuff' and I am a computer retard too..

meatball online said...

thanks cheesecakeerian!! glad that u dropped by here! ;)

Jo said...

u reminded me of my exes..-_-
2 of them are computer geek. so i learned IT skill from them bit n bit loh..
normally i will concern and would like to know people career if they dun mind to share with me, it's an interesting topic to discover a person. I've fren who is designing aircraft & designing automotive, cool huh?i've a nerdy doctor fren who duno anything about life need to have fun..very boring person.
u shall be blissful and grateful ur significant one is thoughtful and understand your situation.
give him sometimes to adjust, marry to someone is aint easy job, need lots courage, plans and money to deal with it.
Marry always not in my agenda..sigh.
wish u have a happy day!

meatball online said...

hahaha... thanks jo! yes, i am not "pushing" him now.. i leave that to him..

u said "marry always not in my agenda"... may be just for now.. since you are still young and probably ur SO hasn't appear don't sigh... that day will come!

wish u everyday a happy day too!

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