Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ananas - Healthy juices & Fruity soft ice-creams

Update : Now Ananas also operates a stall at Palm Square, Centre Point Sabah

Bites Tale : It would be better if they can give more options to the customer on what choice of fruits they prefer to go with the ice-cream!

There are so many "yum cha" outlets at Citymall... but when it comes to deciding which one to go, it's so difficult!

My friends and i wanted to go for a drink / dessert after our dinner last Saturday, one wanted herbal tea, one wanted to go star bucks and the others wanted to go yogur berry... we ended up don't know where to go but settled with going to Citymall instead (b'cos it was raining and Citymall seems to be a nearer choice and convenient place to go)!

Pic : View from the corridor

We went there but still don't know where to go... were walking around and saw this... although there was no customer there, still we decided to give it a try... simply because of the poster/pics there (yeah! good poster/pic makes the trick!) and the price was quite reasonable..

This place was small, only can fit 4 tables... but it was clean and bright, with lots of magazines available there for reading.. the owners are nice too (i think they are father & son's team). We ordered 3 soft ice-creams with fruits, 1 apple juice and 1 sour...

Pics : What they serve there...

This is how the ice-cream with fruits looks like... a bit dissappointed though... picture looks so nice.. the taste was so so only... ice-cream is not sweet, tasted like the snow ice from yoyo... and the fruits (watermelon & honeydew) were not sweet either.. so overall verdict for this is : cold only.

Pic : Soft ice-cream with fruits

Apple juice is just normal apple juice... and this is "Frisky sour", one of the drinks recommended by the boss... he recommended "Frisky sour" and "Calm sea" but we were so attracted to the ice-cream poster, we didn't take his advice. (we should, actually..)

Pic : Frisky Sour

One of my friend said he won't be going back there... because he was disappointed with the ice-cream they served.. but i think they deserved another try.. at least for the juice, it was really nice... and the wide selection of juices they have!!

Ananas Natural Juiced
M-1-8, South City Walk
Jalan Lintas
Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 016-8474484

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