Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kedai Kopi Ming Hiong

Bites Tale : Thanks to Terri, i had a very nice lunch just now!

This is just a normal coffee shop (no air-con, not nicely painted, no decoration at all) located at Inanam.

Frankly speaking, i have never liked the idea of dining at Inanam... i always thought i can't find anything other than dust and people. But my parents suggested to go dinner at this shop at Inanam one sunday night, they keep persuading me the food there is nice and i should try... they said if i love the cooking from Lotus at Dah Yeh Villa, then i'll sure find this nice too. So, i've no choice but to follow.

My verdict after the dinner : I'm really glad they brought me there, food was very nice! and it was cheaper than most of the shops in KK, Dah Yeh, Damai, Foh Sang etc. Here's what we ordered :-
Pic : Japanese Bean Curd

Pic : Sweet and Sour Fish Slices

Pic : Deep fried Pork with fermented red bean curd paste

Pic : Sabah Vege with egg

Pic : My all times favourite - dumplings

Looks good? Yes, indeed... they were so good that i'm the one who help to clear all plates!

Kedai Kopi Ming Hiong
Ground Floor, Lot 1, Block A
Inanam New Township
Kota Kinabalu

(Nearby Action Supermarket)


cheesecakeerian said...

Wow so many KK food reviews =D Keep it up!

meatball online said...

thanks, cheesecakeerian!

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