Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bintulu Korean Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.

Bites Tale : I want western food... u know those sirloin steak, grilled chicken... not pasta & pizza... where can i find western food that is delicious in KK ah?

I always prefer other cuisine than korean, i think indian food is much better than korean. For me, korean food is just plain spicy and it gets so spicy sometimes, my tongue can't differentiate whether the food is hot or my tongue is swollen... it's difficult sometimes that after a korean meal i still can't be able to tell how the food really taste.

However, the best korean food i've ever tried is in KL at a restaurant called Korean Fusion, Starhill, the price is on the high side, but it's worth every sen we spent there. The worst one would be 大长今 Korean Restaurant at Tanjung Aru Plaza, KK, i vowed never to go back there again!

It's been quite sometime i haven't step foot into a korean restaurant, it was by chance i went again last saturday. My friend was seeking for dinner partner, he was thinking of having a steamboat dinner... i brought my sis and another friend along (i always feel that it's too quiet to have a 2-person steamboat) but it's bad luck because the steamboat restaurant we wanted to try at Taman Landbreeze has closed down. And we only knew after he has reached there. So he called me and suggested having korean food at Bintulu Korean Restaurant.

I remember i went there once in 2006, the food was nice but still spicy for me (i am not a chili person) ... deep in the corner of my heart i worried i can't feed myself well that night.. but in order not to be the one to spoilt his mood.. i agreed (which in the car, i have been asking myself why, why, why..)

He has ordered the food when i reached there... he said he wanted a healthy dinner... so he skipped the beef.. (i actually thought Korean food is about beef and kim chi, without beef.. what else we could eat?).. so i just wait and see... these were what we had that night :-

Pic : Lettuce @ RM6 & appetizers (complimentary)

Pic : O-deng @ RM18

Pic : Rice Cake @ RM15

Pic: Fish delight @ RM22

The dinner turns out to be very nice, i'm glad i agree with my friend's suggestion to eat in this place.. at least now i can proudly say yes to korean food... or in other words, at least now i know what i can eat when i was brought to a korean restaurant.

Bintulu Korean Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 1-1, 1st Floor, Block E
Lorong Lintas Plaza 3
Lintas Plaza
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Tel: 088-270370


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hey my son Wey rates korean food as his favorite cuisine, mainly for d bulgogi. i agree with u on tt res. in tanjung aru. d one we like is ariramg in api-api. granted, it isn't as fancy as d tanjung aru one, but it's a mom n pop res, d korean lady is nice n u get many koreans eating there too. only thing is, d portion seem to be getting smaller.

meatball online said...

i've never been to arirang.. hmm... now that u've suggest it... and i believe when u say it's nice, it should be real nice.. think i shall be visiting arirang soon! ;)

Fooman said...

I visited the Korean Restaurant in Api Api recently after a long absence. The food is still pretty good. The Korean lady is still there, but they only have two staff so service can be a bit slow if there's a crowd. Still its the best Korean restaurant for me in KK. The one across the road from Lido is not too bad either.

meatball online said...

hi fooman, thanks for visiting.

so i will be visiting the arirang at api-api soon since both u and terri recommended.

across lido? the signboard which say BBQ Korean? i never try before oh.. thanks thanks.

Fooman said...

Yes, its Korean BBQ. Secret garden or something. Not very well lit sign.

Jerry said...

Bintulu Korean Restaurant is one of my favorites restaurant. Why not try to have your own domain name and website?

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