Friday, September 28, 2007

Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine Cafe = Delicious!!!

Update : Umai is no longer open for business, they have closed down.

Bites Tale : After we came out from Umai, it was decided that Umai will be the place we would go for lunch at least once a month!

I won't be writing much on Umai, the new japanese restaurant in town, because she has definitely written a better review than i could possibly be writing. It was because of her review, i just couldn't wait any longer till the weekend to get my hands on the sashimi... i went there for lunch yesterday... despite of my pitiful short hour of lunch.. So, go read it!

I must say that this is the Best japanese restaurant i have been in KK!
Even the name suggested so... Umai = Delicious / Tasty! Here's what we ordered:-

Pic : Chirashi Set @ RM 25++

This was really good.. comes with tempura, cold soba, chawanmushi, miso soup, fruits & some preserved thingy.. i finished the whole thing... and now as i am typing.. i still think of how fresh and yummy they were!

Pic : Wakatori Karage Set @ RM 17++

My friend said this was ok... actually it is nice... but she were thinking of having teriyaki chicken even when we are still on the way there.. unfortunately, the staff at Umai said it's not available yesterday. But she suggested to go there twice a week for lunch, so i guess it was nice too! This set comes with 2 pcs of sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup, rice & the preserved thingy..

Pic : 5 Types Sashimi Set @ RM 28++

This were equally good as the chirashi set. Terri was right... the sashimi here is much, much better than those at Nagisa, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu or any Japanese restaurant here. So, next time if you are craving for nice Japanese cuisine... Umai is the place for you. Even i will keep on returning there... there's so much food they provided in the menu, my friend and i wanted to try everything in the menu.. it has now became our mission!! I just hope the "Ninja" (yes, there is 1 ninja who will greet you and show you to the table) at Umai won't get bored seeing us there!

Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine Cafe
1st Floor, D'junction
Jalan Penampang
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-701100

Pic : I don't know why.. i can't seems to adjust my camera to the right mode.. sorry for all the blurry pics!


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

:) looks like u ate better than me! c u there!

meatball online said...

hahaha... c u there too! hopefully u won't mind if i suddenly went to say hi to u.. :P

Dena E said...

and me too..i am not really into japanese unless it comes with pork ( he he) got pork ka there? ramen pork? i once eaten a very very very ( really umai) ramen pork in taipei and that is the only japanese food i like..tenpanyaki ( hope spelling ok, told you i am not into japanese food hehe) is fine with me.having said that i've been to kawana and nishiki (nice udon pork)

San said...

Well, at Umai when even looking at the menu it has oradi impressed me and my bf....they have so much choices to choose from...we took quite sometime deciding wat to order...
it's a place whr i will visit again...jst went on Monday and im visiting them the next day for dinner...
Price are very reasonable, environment is nice and cozy, clean...Staff are very polite and well trained...
definitely a place to dine again

Anonymous said...

would be nice if telephone number is included here, haha, trying to make a booking but can't find the phone number!!!

Anonymous said...

how could you miss out the important details!!! the telephone number! i tried to make a reservation! anyway, finally i got it, it is +6088701100, hope this helps, ja!

meatball online said...

akakakaka... sorry howe, i really did forget to put the telephone number. ;)

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