Friday, September 14, 2007

Do you love steamboat?

Bites Tale : Even my mum likes it! She wants to bring my 2 sis there when they are back from KL... and i'll be going there again soon... reaaal soon!!

Frankly, having steamboat to feed my hunger and taste bud is never my choice... being a food lover like me ... (or more appropriately called a greedy eater)... I love being served... i prefer to go places where i am served with "cooked" food so i could indulged it immediately! It sounds stupid sometimes that i pay for the food and i need to cook them myself... plus the waiting time for the soup to boil... gosh.. that really test my patience... (you could imagine how my face would be like if i was really hungry at that time..)

But to my surprise.. i quite like the steamboat here... thanks to a friend of mine who invited us to go there for dinner few months back.. so on 12.09.07, my parents wanted to bring their friends out for dinner and ran out of idea where to go... i suggested this :-

I have been to some steamboat restaurant... i must say this is the BEST i've tried.. their soup was simply delicious.. i think they add in some herbs to cook with the chicken soup. Just for info, most places now have at least 2 flavour of soup for you to choose.. however, this place only has 1. And they serve no pork.

There were 5 of us that night but we ordered for 4 pax.. as this is not a buffet style steamboat restaurant so they don't count their patrons by heads.. so we can decide how much food we want. Food for 4 pax will be enough for 5 (i learnt it from experience). The food was actually pre-arranged.. which includes beef.. but 1 of us don't take beef so the boss exchanged it with prawns and fish slices instead.

Some of the "pre-arranged" food they served(note that there is no picture of fish slices.. i've forgotten to take.. paiseh!) :-

Pic : Cuttlefish, Tauhu-pok with mince fish & some kind of mushroom

Pic : Chicken meat

Pic : Prawns

Pic : I am very bad in vege's name.. i think this is spinach!

Pic : Rice vermicelli, noodle, eggs & fried wantons

Pic : fish balls, something similar to fish ball but is rectangular in shape (hehe, don't know what's it is called), bean curd, long cabbage and there is mushroom too..

Pic : Fruits as dessert

At RM 25/pax plus 5% govt. service tax, not bad huh? We paid for RM105 in total. A very healthy meal indeed ... (that's because we cut out the beef.. kekeke).. However, i think the "starring" of this meal would be the sauce... their specially blended peanut sauce.. (it's a must try.. i mix it with chili and i'm on cloud 9).

The boss was so kind that he bring us an extra plate of fried rice with yam FOC... Yup! Free of Charge.. i don't know why... the rice was quite nice though.. we managed to finish the plate of rice but we were too full to eat the noodle and rice vermicelli + eggs... so they were left untouched!

I was really happy that all of them enjoyed the food there as much as i do.. a place where i will definitely recommend to try!

Contact :-

Sri Maju Steamboat (福华)
Lot G34, Ground Floor
Asia City Phase 2A
Jalan Asia City
88000 Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-447161 (For reservation : Please call Mr Goh at 016 844 9939)

Pic : The soup is so sweet... but believe me ... it's not "ajinomoto" sweet!


Creamster said...

Strongly agree here, this place is definitely a worth-to-go outlet. I love their soup too ...

I still remember the first time I went there with my family during the first day of CNY, the boss served us a plate of Yam fried rice too ... he was honest enough to tell us it's the left over from lunch time, that's why it's FOC. But we appreciated it & finish the whole plate, sooo yummylicious! ^_^

meatball online said...

hahaha... i went there again last nite... he also served us a plate of Yam fried rice.. and to all patrons there! I guess the Yam rice got very good response so he is serving to every table now.

Creamster said...

Cool ... I shall visit them again in the near future .... hehehehe

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