Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Puasa already...

Bites Tale : My feelings towards puasa month is love & hate... i love it, because there is so many malay kuih muih you could buy especially after work; i hate it, because i can't eat during work.. just to show respect to our muslim friends.

Time passes so fast! Today is the 1st day of fasting month for our muslim friends already... soon Hari Raya will come then it's chinese's winter festival (过冬/冬至).. and follow closely would be Christmas... Without you realising Year 2007 will end.. woah.. really... it's time to review how much we have achieve or what we have done so far.. can still remember your 2007 resolution?

Well, for me now.. the most important thing is get my work done! then i can look forward to my holidays next year.. kekeke!!!

My younger sis is coming back this Sat, can't wait!! I want to try out new baking recipes and go out "makanning" with her!

Pic : I wish i could bake and decorate a durian cake like this! (This is from Le Apple, Brunei.)

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