Monday, September 24, 2007

Pricey Sate

Update : Sate Mesra ended their business.

Bites Tale : Was so excited when i saw them selling Chocolate Banana Cake, despite it's a little pricey, i bought it to feed my anxiety on how it taste. But the taste is so-so only... I miss the Choc Banana Cake at Zang Toi Cafe @ Sungei Wang, KL.

I always saw this Sate Mesra outlet when i drive passed by Citymall. So went there for lunch last week. My overall verdict is ... pricey. I actually don't mind paying more if the food is nice.. but for that kind of princing... i would go somewhere else.

I do like how the restaurant look though, it's spacious, clean and bright and the staff are very friendly too.

Here's what we ordered and it costs us RM 30.68 (with 1 ice milo @ RM 2.99 and 1 coke @ RM 1.99 + taxes) :-

pic : sate, special kampung style fried rice & thai style chicken rice

My friend ordered the thai style chicken rice... it was not nice as she commented.. i tried.. the chicken were a bit too soft and it was not sour nor spicy.. it was tasteless. We both like their sate and the special kampung style fried rice.. especially the fried rice.. it was fried with belacan... very "aromatic" and nice... but the pricing is abit too high! At RM7.88, it was just plain rice fried with belacan + a bit of vege, add one sunny-side up on top, a little bit of anchovies at the side and some sambal on a piece of keropok ikan... that's pricey.

So now... come to the sate... we ordered chicken sate, beef sate and sate bedal (not sure what is it called in english... it's some intestine part of the chicken).. the texture and taste was ok.. but at 99sen each... it became not so nice... we could easily have better ones from the famous coffee shop at Foh Sang at only 50sen each! and it's more expensive for fish, prawn and mutton sate!

pic : close-up on the sate (this plate of 6 sticks costs us RM 6.83 including taxes)

Take a look at their menu, i am doubtful... really... i mean, with one glance... i am doubtful whether the size of the individual set meal (6 sticks of sate of your choice, 1 nasi himpit (i think is ketupat), 1 piece of fried spring roll + 1 glass of soft drink) is enough for a normal person with an average appetite... definitely is not enough for me. And their individual set meal goes from RM7.99 to RM16.99... that's pricey!

Pic : Menu

Gosh... i have been repeating the word "pricey" from the beginning of this post until the end!

P/S : They are having some Ramadan Buffet for Berbuka Puasa (Break fasting time) @ RM18.99++ per pax, i think it would be better for you to try during that time... at least it sounds more reasonable.

Sate Mesra
Lot S-0-3/S-1-3
Block A, City Mall
Lorong City Mall
Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Pic : Not sure what dish they will serve for the Ramadan Buffet... but it seems quite a bit of choice there..


Dena E said...

thought of blogging about this too..yea....too pricey!!!went there when i was craving for sate and felt really disappointed with the portion and price..and not sedap pun..

paulinevoon said...

pricey & lousy indeed.. i doubt they could stand long in this food & restaurant industry.. kesian..

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