Friday, September 21, 2007

Moon Bell Restaurant (月铃菜馆) - Northern Chinese Cuisine

Bites Tale : I went there quite often... but i always forget to take pics and blog about the food here.. at last, i remembered!

Have you ever tried Chinese-Muslim cuisine? If you have not... and you simply love tangy spices... here is the place for you!

I wish i had remembered to take pic on some of the dishes i like during my previous visits... at least i think they would look much interesting than what i am going to post up today... sigh.. anyway, they are quite good also.

My favourite dish from this restaurant... the dish i must order everytime i go there... is the Seafood stuffed brinjal @ RM 8 (sorry for the blurry pic.. not sure why.. but every pic i took turns out blurry...)

My friend recommended me to try the dumplings... the taste was nice... but the texture is abit too soft for me.. may be it was a little bit over-cooked that day.

Next up, this is very nice... it's stir-fry lamb with pancake.. and you are suppose to eat it by spreading some of the "black" paste onto the pancake, put some minced lamb, wrapped it, put the whole thing into your mouth.. and BITE... simply satisfying i must say!

Another highly recommended dish to try which i didn't ordered this time is the Storm Sand Chicken... it's a fried chicken dish and they sprinkle it with some spice & curry powder... really, really nice! For those who likes eating crabs but scared to dirty their fingers can try their dry stir fry lazy crab. Not forgetting also... the cold noodle.. nice, nice!

This place is normally full during dinner time in weekends, so do make reservation before you go!

Moon Bell Restaurant
No. 33, Jalan Haji Saman
88804 Kota Kinabalu
(Opposite KK Emporium)

Tel : 019-861 1605 (Ms. Karen)

Pic : Dishes available there.

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