Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sigh... again...

Bites Tale : I really want to celebrate the day with him happily... but my mood is like "fighting cock" these few days... got a feeling we might end up quarreling again...

His birthday is coming soon.... i mean, reaaaaallll soon...

And i still don't know what to give him or how to celebrate it with him...

Go for a short trip? - I can't... I wanted to... but can't... so he said cancel, in order not to upset anyone...

Go makan? - where? he has no preference at all... he is those "eat whatever you feed him" type!

Buy him something?
- A watch? (No, he doesn't wear), A necklace? (he doesn't wear)... so i can categorize "accessories" as something out of the list, safely!

- A small vacuum? (so, he could use it to clean his car / clean his work area after he finished with his "crafting" work... i tried to ask him how he clean his work area... whether he has a small vacuum.. he said: "huh? what you mean a small one? i've a big one! better not to use anything at all with a small one!")... so that one is out of the list too!

- How bout some tools? (good idea, but I know nothing about tools and i don't know what tools he needs! don't wanna end up giving him something that he doesn't need!)

- A shirt? (Umm.. he only wear white shirts... and he told me previously he's got lots of them at home... and it's not really special to get him a white shirt.. i mean.. that's only the last resort, right?)

Special programme? - Apart from makan & movie... there's none that i could think of!!

Sigh... I'm really lousy in arranging programme... forget about giving surprises!!!

Hopeless me!

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