Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Bites Tale : It sucks... really..

Sigh... I hate it when i can't get him through the phone when i need to look for him..

It feels really bad...

SMS him... No reply

Call him... Went straight to voice mail

He said it's his phone... always rebooted on its own..

Gosh.. that's a new phone he bought months ago..

What's happening to Nokia phone?

Altogether there are 3 friends i knew who are having problems with Nokia phone...

Their phones always hang... hang... hang...

Why ah??

Pic : Feels like wanna throw durian at him!


Algerian Tangerine said...

The performance of new series Nokia phone is getting unstable. Some even can't recieve SMS. At the moment, the most stable 3G phone is Sony Ericsson.

saint said...

get MOTORAL! :)

*i'm a loyal fan of Motorola..

meatball online said...

sigh... yalor.. no wonder nowadays.. Sony Ericsson & Motorola is getting more famous..

he said he will bring the phone for service.. kekeke.. see how then.

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