Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where can you find yummilicious pizzas in KK?

Bites Tale : I ate so much last week that i gain 1 kg... and my appetite becomes bigger that i can't stop eating.

Everyone who knows me knew that i love carbohydrates... breads, buns, cakes... and pizzas!

There's not much choice in KK when it comes to finding the yummiest pizza... So, when i am in my pizza-craving mode, i'd normally go to "Pizza Hut" simply because that's the nearest from where i stay & work... last year, by chance, i also found out that "Yesteryears" at Damai serves not-bad pizzas too and i love the pizzas at "Little Italy" especially...

To my surprise, i found very nice pizza Here... though by it's name it just doesn't click anywhere in my mind that this place serves good pizzas as well!

But it's true... i ordered their "Masala pizza" when i went there for dinner with my parents and their friends, i must say... it's heavenly... i can't describe the taste.. and not sure what they put on their pizza but here's what my parents' friend commented :"hmm (looking at the pizza, took a bite) ... wow (big eyes)... it's so tasty!! i think it's better than the ones at Little Italy!! (took 2nd piece)"

And it is slightly different from the pizzas we normally eat.. the base is pastry like ... compared to the normal bread base or crispy crust that we get from Pizza Hut / Little Italy. Here's how it looks like :-

Pic : Masala Pizza

Oh ya! nearly forgot! they served the best chocolate ice-blended, at RM5.90... it's better than Coffee bean's chocolate ice-blended... and cheaper too!

Pic : Chokie Junkie (i hope i get the spelling correct!)

Sigh... looking at the pictures, i feel like going there already!!!

Fish & Co
Lot No. D-G-04 & 05
Ground Floor, Block D
Warisan Square
Kota Kinabalu
(Next to Yogur Berry)

Tel : 088-484989

Pic : I also lurve the grilled salmon & new york fish & chips at Fish & Co.!

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