Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Atong Fish Head Mee Hoon

Update : Now Atong Fish Head Mee Hoon has branches in Wisma Merdeka and Inanam G Mart Food Court

Bites Tale :
He asked me out for dinner tonight and let me decide the place, i dunno where to go yet. Any suggestion?

This is the rice vermicelli soup I love the best in KK!

I’ve been telling 1 of my friend how good it is, like me, she loves food too and she can’t wait to go. But I never have a chance to bring her there as both were busy and our work places were too far from each other. Luckily, we were both on leave last Saturday and by chance she needs me to bring her to Penampang so we went there for lunch.

It is located at Bundusan Food Court, Jalan Bundusan (next to a car wash and behind Kia show room), and it’s from a stall called “Atong Fish Head Mee Hoon”. Although fish head is the most famous there, but I always order fish slices instead. (definitely easier to eat.. without having to “fight” with the bones).

At RM5 per bowl, I think it is reasonable since they are generous in giving the fish and the rice vermicelli. Now, they even have 3 other types of fish (including salmon) for you to choose but they are a bit pricey at RM 7 per bowl while if you choose salmon it will cost you RM10 per bowl. Since they ran out of the normal fish type, we choose one of the RM 7 one.. it didn’t disappoint us at all…the fish slices was fresh!

Look at this!

Damn nice I tell you… and my friend totally agreed with me!

Pic : If you don’t mind the dust from the road in front of the food court, it’s a must to go!


Deana E said...

this is one of my favourite too.................!!!!! plan to go there this jahat of me and my friends, we don't want to tell many ppl about this place actually coz if more people come, the longer we have to hubby really doesn't like to come here just because of the waiting period so i normally go when he is working.

Link_planet said...

hmm,i live near there but never go b4 :p will give it a try since strongly recomended by U :p

meatball online said...

hahaha, deana.. yup, the waiting period.. they took quite long to cook.. but it's worth the waiting. :) i normally go there during working day too.

hi, link_planet! u should really go try it! i always finish the soup!

Denise said...

HEY! THis is one of my favourite spot!!!! VERY Yummylicious!! too bad, always have to wait long long...

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