Thursday, October 11, 2007

A dinner date turns out to be Hell...

Bites Tale : I was wrong for not being able to decide on where to have dinner, and for having so much comments on places he suggested...

But, i really don't think i deserved such treatments... (Scene 1 & 2 - before dinner)

And for him to think of someone else... (Scene 3 - after dinner)

May be i was too sensitive on Scene 3... well, may be... may be not!

Is it because he is thinking of that someone, that's why he wouldn't even tolerate my indecisiveness on where to have dinner???

Damn! i hate this!

P/S: Something strange about the sun today... i wanted to snap a pic of it but i left my camera at home (i blame him for my forgetfulness today and whatever i did wrong today)... click here if you wanna see.

May be is a portrait of my feelings now... i'm sad... and i'm scared... die.


cindy said...

Wow... dinner date that went bad. :( I've experienced that before too..

But hey, chin up. Bake some cake and show us!!! :D

WokkingMum said...

Maybe he had something on his mind? Work maybe?

Don't make guesses. Speak when in doubt. Relationship works better this way. :)

Ps. The pics of the sun with 2 rainbows are cool!! Wish I could see it myself.

meatball online said...

thanks cindy..

wokkingmum, may be... he did explain.. but me still sakit hati.. sigh...

hahaha... i thought it's end of the world liao when i saw the sun... cos there is a dark circle...

WokkingMum said...

Haha ... end of the world ah? No lah. It's caused by a double reflection in raindrop.

Must be bcos you are depressed lah then you think it's a sign for end of the world. :p

It should means luck (to me) cos you may just find 2 pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. ;)

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