Friday, November 2, 2007

Kedai Kopi Lotus, Kota Kinabalu

Bites Tale : I'm a hopeless impulsive buyer.... don't know whether i should blog about this... i'm afraid i'll scared you and him off!!!

This is one of my favourite spot for a good treat to my stomach... ;P

What more could we ask for? The food here is considered much, much cheaper than other places and most importantly, the cooking is good.

They served almost everything here, from chinese dishes like pork ribs, stir fry vege, sweet and sour fish and etc, to normal fried noodle, fried rice... BBQ chicken wings, fried chicken wings, dumplings and grilled fish and the cooking is really good that sometimes it is just too difficult to decide what i really want to eat. Even though my friends and i already reached an agreement to go there with only 1 purpose in mind i.e. to order their fried rice vermicelli and only that.. but ended up ordering other food like grilled fish, BBQ chicken wings and dumplings. (We just ain't satisfied sticking to only 1 dish!)

Too bad i only have 2 photos to show you here because i always forgets to snap before i eat but i hope these 2 pics are enough to make you hungry.. (gosh.. i'm so bad!)

Pic : Grilled fish

Pic: Dumplings

So if you ever go to Lotus for dinner / supper and saw a table with only 3 - 4 person but ordering lots of food... and a crazy female who keep ordering milo (i don't know why... i love the hot milo they serve there.. the others kopitiam in KK just serve very "thin" milo for my taste)... that could be me!

Kedai Kopi Lotus (莲花楼)
Taman Sinar Baru
Dah Yeh
Off Jalan Damai

(1st shop from the round about turning into Taman Sinar Baru)


angel said...

Woo... nvr had that kind of dumplings here before...

Nxt time, remember to carry your camera everywhere u go! Very important for us bloggers *grins*

Happy weekend!

meatball online said...

huh? never??

is called "shui jiao" i.e. 水饺 or 饺子 in chinese..

hehehehe... actually i bring my camera everywhere i go.. but sometimes still forgets to snap... cos can't wait to eat.

happy weekend to you too!

parisukat said...

ohh food more food! hmm the fish the dumpling! meatball! i just had my doughnuts!!!!

Sweetiepie said...

Look yummy!I love to eat dumpling too.My brother in law's wife use to sell dumpling in somewhere inanam.But not now anymore.:)by the way Nice blog.I miss KK foodd so much.

Sweetiepie said...

I love shui jiao too..and the ikan pangang look so yummy to me!:)nice blog

Bento Pet said...

Hi! Tag for you. Please check my blog. Cheers.

meatball online said...

parisukat, i think we can be partners in food quest... if we meet up 1 day... sure go eat, eat, eat!

so sweetie pie u r from KK.. u make very nice dessert leh... i wanna learn from u! u come back for holiday la! then can go eat all nice food in KK!

bentopet, wah... quite a difficult tag for me to do oh.. but will do for u! ;P

Sweetiepie said...

Hi meatball,Yup I am from lah..i am not a good cook but i like baking like deana.I hope i could go back and meet you guys kk blogger one day.Some of you are really friendly.Take more pic for me to see ya!

meatball online said...

sure will. ya ya.. when u come back, tell me then we meet up for great food and great chit chat!

-.- said...

That's opposite Tshung Tsin is it?? Never tried tat place though was at SInaran for a year :(

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