Thursday, November 1, 2007

My new addiction - Mini Donuts from Rounz

Update : Roundz ended their business

Bites Tale : I had a nightmare last nite and couldn't sleep well... but i must con
centrate... too much work to do. :(

I love donuts... though there are no Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme (to which, i know one day i'll have the chance to get my hands on the oh-so-famous Krispy Kreme donuts that are not available in Malaysia) here.. but luckily there are some entrepreneurs in KK who start selling this Rounz Mini Donuts..

At RM3.50 for 8 pcs / RM5 for 12 pcs... the donuts are slightly expensive but they do taste good. Texture is slightly different from the normal donuts we can easily get from other bakeries (that's the secret ingredient they use) ... and the donuts comes in different flavours.

However, instead of letting the customers chose what flavour they want, Rounz has set it according to the days, i think that's because they need to mix the flavour into the batter.. and it is not a big outlet with lots of staff working so they can't afford to let you choose.

The flavour they have each day :-

One thing i must mention here is, i like to see how the donuts are made... why? Because the machine they are using is cute! hahaha... take a look yourself! (I've took a short video on the whole process of how their donuts are made... just click the video i put here if you are interested to watch!)

Once the donuts are cooked, they will sprinkle some icing on top..

And ... if you are a sweet tooth like me, you can request them to put chocolate/vanilla toppings on the donuts... or even both! Just like how they did mine... (of course, with an additional RM1.00 per toppings la!)

And the result?

Nice leh? Feel like taking a bite now?

Here's the video :-

(Opps.... my video file is 130MB.. i can't download more than 100MB video file here... don't know how to resize... let me check and will post it again..)

I'll be trying their hot dogs next time... yes, they sell hot dogs too! I am very interested to try their 8" long chicken hot dog... but was sold out when i went there... so i'll be going there again soon.. this time, i'll call and make reservation 1st.. hahahaha... i'm serious... to avoid dissappointment mah.. the owner also said ok for me to call.. *evil grin*...

What they serve there :-


LG 29A, Kompleks Karamunsing
Kota Kinabalu

(Basement, Near Karamunsing Food Court)

Tel : 019-870 7383, 016-828 8089


Anonymous said...

hi are you able to post anything about food around the kuala lumpur area as we are going there early next year.

meatball online said...

umm.. yes.. but only about some places i went during my trips to KL..

Meanwhile, i can recommend some blogs for you.. they are very good in doing food review in KL :

Check them out.. i'm sure you'll find all you need there.. if anything, just drop me another message.


maslight said...

how come i never realize dis place before? NOiiiiiiiiiii!!! wuah..i want dunkin donuts T_T

uh uh...maybe i'll drop by there someday hehe

thanks for the info..

the weird thing is the day scheduled donut flavoured thing.. XD

angel said...

hi hi! Thx for yr comment and sorry for scaring u during yr first visit to my blog... haha... :P

Hey! U r from KK! Wah... suddenly in one day, I hv 2 ppl from KK visiting my blog! I was in Kuching last wkend and me & friends were enchanted by East M'sia :) We wanna visit KK one day too!! :D

Oh, abt donuts... a few wks ago, I just tried J.Co's and it's really soft! Bet YOU would love it! :) Another one is Big Apple Donuts. Both of them beat Dunkin Donut hands down! But... dunno about Krispy Kreme... they haven't reached m'sian shores, yet :) But, must try 'em when I go Singapore next time...

Oops... so long winded in my first visit to yr blog... happy friday!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

gosh, those donuts look good. must get some must get some must get some....

meatball online said...

hi angel, yup, you should visit kk... sure will enjoy here..

i must say dunkins donut is abit dissappointing now adays.. i haven't try J.Co and Big Apple Donuts..must try them when i visit KL next time.. my friend just mms me from Kl last nite, showing me another "too good to be be missed" donuts outlet is opening soon at Sunway Pyramid.

Terri, yup...go get it! i can't wait to try their hot dogs too!

parisukat said...

ohhh am tempted again.. meatball you're such a foodie! hehehe

hmmm I guess I'll ask my lil bro to drop by dunkin donuts..

Ratu Syura said...

alaaaa.. you should have posted this earlier. i just got back to kl last night and i miss kk oredi!! i never knew about rounz.. next time la.. in january! :(

meatball online said...

alaaaa... sorry oh... i thought u r in KK one oh... u from where... hehehe... come back every month la if can! ;)

meatball online said...

lex, hehehe... if u gain weight, not my fault ah... ;P

S said...

wow!! i didn't know this.. thanks for the info - i will visit the place. i love doughnuts too! hehe

Deana E said...

going to kl and may be no need to tapau dunkin donuts anymore hah..

Big Boys Oven said...

This is something new in KK from the last visit when I was in KK this!

meatball online said...

s, ya! must go try!

deana, dunkin donuts now not so nice already.. tapao big apple donuts la!

big boys oven, hahaha... that's mean u need to visit KK again!

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