Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sunday Market at Gaya Street

Bites Tale : Went out with my girlfriends last night. We are supposed to do some online shopping for Chinese New Year.. we thought we only need to provide the shipping address to send the things to London (my friend's bro) or to Singapore (my cousin) since they don't ship to Malaysia, everything was ok until the last part, where we need to enter the billing address.. turned out that the merchant don't accept credit card from Malaysia! Sigh... But we did had fun browsing the website last night! ;)

I seldom have the chance to get out of the house on Sunday mornings because i have a clean freak mum. Since everyone is busy with work on weekdays, Sundays has become the official "Cleaning Day" at home.

Luckily for me (so that i can have 1 day off from doing cleaning at home.. hehehe...), my uncle came back from Canada and he has some friends from UK who were also in town, so he asked my parents to bring them to see Proboscis monkeys and fire flies on 1 sunday. My mum has no choice but to "grant" us a day off from the weekly cleaning. She even brought us to this famous sunday market before meeting up with the others in town.

This sunday market is not only an attraction to the tourists but also to the locals... you could get about almost anything here from clothings, souvenirs, books, local delicacies, plants, pets etc. Not only that, i personally think this is also a place for you (the locals) to bump into your "long-time no see" friends. That's what happened to my mum, she met her kindergarden (pre-school) classmate! I wonder how they could recognise each other after more than 45 years!!!

Anyway, these are some of the pics i took at the sunday market specially for those who hasn't been to the sunday market for a very long time (like me!) and those who are not from KK.

Pic : Some miniatures made of don't know what but they're cute!

Pic : Sarongs and rotan bags

Pic : Want some "bling-bling"? They're selling pearls too!

Pic : Saw which one you like?

Pic : Plants

Pic : "Pirated" purses

Pic : I like the umbrella!

Pic : Beads Necklaces

Pic : Sabah Souvenirs

Pic : Colourful Magnets

Pic : Paintings by local artist

Pic : Sea shells

These are only some of the things you can get from the sunday market, there's so much more to see.. although you'll get all sweaty after a visit there due to the hot weather that day and the crowd, but it's worth to go even though you don't have anything to buy!

Pic : Can you see which one is not real?


pom said...

yer....Why owes like tat de....
Many thing to see, but din't go there for ages oledi...=(

I saw which 1 is false de turtle...
Got buy o not, put at the back of the House..My turtle how liao?

Sweetiepie said...

during my last visit back home,I had bought alot of seashells and keychains(what the big flower called)I love this place but panas O!

meatball online said...

pom, wait til u come back we go la.. persuade mum to give us 1 sunday off again.. no oh didn't buy.. ur turtle all ok.. the dry one in the kitchen sleep with the legs open big big!

sweetiepie, it's called rafflesia! ya.. panas but really nice oh..

sharvy said...

The miniatures made from coconut husk....

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Sunday mkt at ur place so many things to see arr? BTW tq for dropping at my site! Have a nice day!

Johnny Ong said...

at times from eyes' view u dont see the beauty but seeing it from just a photo, it seems so nice

sting said...

so colorful.. oh, I miss sunday markets ... sigh

meatball online said...

oh.. coconut husk.. so creative! thanks sharon.

hor ny ang moh, welcome. yup! if u got chance, come to visit Sabah. nice place!

johnny, yup! that's the miracle of photos!

sting, kekeke... come! let's go la!

cheesecakeerian said...

o0o.. I remember when I was younger my mom used to force us to go to Gaya Street every Sunday and I hated it cos it was so hot =X

maslight said...

omg punya men lama sudah se inda pg gaya street

evelyn said...

wow those sea shells are for real? they are huge!

Jayce said...

Wow... Gaya Street... It has been a long time since my last visit there during my study at UMS. Miss that place lo... :)

meatball online said...

cheesecakeerian, ya.. last time when i am too young to do cleaning ;P i used to hate it when my parents happily said they are bringing us to gaya street on sundays.. but after all this while being "stucked" in the house.. gaya street was great and fun! kakaka

massy, pergi lah.. syok bah.. see the people and those nice things.. i have fun snapping pics!

evelyn, yes... they are real! and for sale too!

jayce, so u live in KK before ah? nice place leh... make u missed kk already.. come to KK for holiday lah!

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