Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Makanning at Borneo Proboscis Lodge, Kota Klias

Bites Tale : I had my lunch at Ma Baker's Cafe today and as i was snapping pics on my food, the cafe owner, Christina, approached me and asked why was i snapping pics on the food... so for the 1st time ever, i told someone i have a food blog (i hope she'll forget how i look like and what's my name!!). Then, she told me she has seen others taking pictures on the food and her cafe before and when she asked why, they ran away... i took the opportunity to tell her also that there's so much raves and good verdicts about her cafe in the internet world i.e. in blogs and also Ravejoint... that's how i knew about her cafe and that's why i'm there.. in my quest to get my hands on nice food!! (P/S : Will be blogging about her cafe soon, so stay "tune" ya!)

Remember about my 1st trip to Borneo Proboscis River Lodge?

As the 1st trip was packed with tourists from Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, i didn't have the chance to take pics on the food they served as the food station was always crowded, so i couldn't blog about it. I went there again with my family last week and this time, i make sure i get all the food pics i want!

So here goes... 1st, the afternoon tea break (they called it Hi-Tea) at 4pm where they'll serve you with some local malay dedicacies with coffee and tea before the river cruise (if you want to see pics on the river cruise, click the link in the 1st para!!) :-

Pic : Banana Fritters

Pic : Kuih Ondeh-Ondeh (My favourite!!)

Pic : Not sure what is this.. is make of sago

Pic : Mini Donuts

Pic : Chinese Red Glutinous kuih with red bean paste fillings

Then, dinner was ready when we came back after our river cruise, my uncle from Canada was surprised that their cooking was quite good (He had a bad experience just a day before the trip when a local renowned resort served "smelly" crabs to him and his friends... so i guess may be he kinda expecting the worst at this place which is far away from the city!) .. Yes, indeed.. although their selling point was the river cruise to see proboscis monkeys and fire flies... but they also make an effort to ensure nice cooking and variety for their guests.. which i really appreciate!

Some of the food pics i took that nite :-

If i remembered correctly, apart from all these.. there were also beef soup, chicken soup, japanese beancurd in garlic oil, some other dishes and also fruits. However, the only drinks they served was plain water.. if they could offer some cordial, it would be better.

Although they are charging slightly higher than the rest of the lodges there.. but i think it's really worth it and i would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to go for Klias river cruise!

Borneo Proboscis River Lodge
Kota Klias Wetland

Tel : (6)087-209221

Website : http://borneowildlife.org

Pic : How many Proboscis Monkeys you see in this pic?


TS Lim said...

Lol I din know that people ran away when she ask them bout taking pics. Thanks for the plug and now Ma baker's is no. 2 on ravejoint. woot

maslight said...

astaga, u killed my excitement..i was anxious to read about ma baker's cafe punya post, sekali tinguk makanan bertimbun, takazut se. bah i'll be waiting for ur post hehe XD

Big Boys Oven said...

The food looks acceptable. :)

meatball online said...

TS,hahahaha, when she told me that i felt shocked too.. felt so funny.. wah.. so she will be happy.. cos i asked her to visit ravejoint!

massy, be patient ya.. i have lot's of pic to resize!

big boys oven, yup! they taste quite good also!

Deana E said...


black_mamba said...

now i'm craving for banana fritters and mini donuts. everything looks yummy though :)

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