Monday, March 17, 2008

Star Cruise Gemini

Bites Tale : At last..... Krispy Kreme Donuts... Here i come!!!

I’ll be off for holiday to Bali tomorrow, will stop by KL for a few days. (Yes, been travelling a lot this month! And yes, the MAIN reason i choose Bali as my holiday destination is that i can find Krispy Kreme Donuts there... hehehehe!!!). The other reason, I am bringing my parents there because mum has always wanted to visit Bali since she was young... she said there is this song which describe how beautiful Bali is during her school days... So, it’s a “win-win” situation for me lah!

Meanwhile, please “savour” these photos from the Star Cruise Gemini trip i went with my parents and sis end of February. (These are only part of the many photos we’ve taken!)

Pic: Star Cruise Gemini (Not a big ship though, the largest ship from Star Cruise is Star Cruise Gemini!)

Pic : The balcony of the Restaurant

And, this is how the room looks like:

Pic : The make up table

Pic : The window and the beds

Pic : Washroom

Pic : Shower

Pic : Wardrobe

Pic : There are 3 wardrobes in a room... enough for everyone

I have heard people saying that it’s boring to be “trapped” in the ship for a week. My answer to that – “They are wrong”. We were only “trapped” in the ship at night!! Meaning, we are allowed to go out at each destination the ship docks in the morning, (in this case – Penang, Krabi, Phuket and Langkawi) only to come back before the ship departs to another destination. They gave us ample time for visiting every destination.

For those who choose to stay in the ship, there’re a handful of programmes arranged by the crew like movie, games, fun fair etc..... or you can fully utilise the gym, jacuzzi and the pool... you just can’t complaint! Talking bout the crew.... they did a great job! I missed them very much.... especially “The Shy Guy”... and “The Cruise Director”... They are so cute! (will tell you more.... just be patient!}

I really must say that it’s totally worth it to board onto any cruise trip once in a life... it’s a really great experience and if you are thinking of a relaxing trip like me, a cruise trip would definitely be a great choice.

The cost? About RM 2300+ per person, if you choose room with window; and about RM1700+ per person, if you choose room with smaller porthole window...... and that includes meals, depending how much you can eat... they serve breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. And the food is simply yummilicious! (Ooh.... i missed the pork ham! umm... ya... they served pork in the ship!)

Have to go now... need to meet up with some people to settle some matters before i’m off for a week.. forgive me if i didn’t reply your message.. i’ll catch up with you when i’m back! That’s a promise!

Pic : We need to stick this sticker onto our shirt before boarding on the 1st day... “SSG” = Super Star Gemini


sting said...

wow! that looks like great fun ya.. I agreed.. cruises are not "trapped".. there are so many things to do and see there :-) enjoy your Bali trip

osindak said...

inilah sia tunggu2.. your post about your cruise! (o; so siok ohhh.. not mabuk laut ka? how's the food? sadap? (o; have fun in bali!

cindy said...

WoW syoknya!! Do they supply lifesaver jacket all the time? Because I plan to take this cruise too someday.. but I want lifesaver jacket! Sia penakut ni naik kapal!! >.<

meatball online said...

sting, yup... really enjoyed.. actually for me, we got no time to enjoy all the facilities on the ship. next time must choose longer route to enjoy more.

osindak, will not mabuk laut.. u hardly feel the movement.. the food is really really really nice! thumbs up!

cindy, they have life jackets for everyone but they won't distribute it to u. but they have safety drill explanation to u once u board the ship. they will show u which station u should go to when there is an emergency.

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